Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Week 6

Week 6 – Scout is 13 weeks old.


Holidays! This week Scout has been learning about sand, sea, caravans, car journeys and life on the ground!


We spent a week in our caravan in Formby, on a site right next to the sand dunes and a huge open area of grassland and trees behind the beach. It was the first week Scout was allowed to go on the ground with other dogs and she LOVED it! We have had to be careful not to let her walk too far though – she would be on the beach ALL DAY if she was in charge!


A few short walks a day and she was flagging, so we made sure she got lots of quiet sleep and rest time in between, plus lots of carrying on our longer walks. Sand dune sliding is now her very favourite thing!


She has also learnt all about life in the caravan – that you have to sleep somewhere different and that people aren’t impressed when you want to get up at 5am! Luckily this stopped after the first night!

The tiny caravan freezer was rammed with Natures Menu puppy nuggets and chicken wings and so she continued eating like a horse all week! 


Scout has met lots of different dogs this week and had a good game with quite a few. We always make sure introductions are short and sweet – a quick 3 second sniff before walking away and then letting them decide from a distance whether playing is an option. 


Some dogs just aren’t interested and that’s fine, so we distract Scout with anything handy (she is SO easily distracted luckily!) and keep on our way.  She has also learnt that sand doesn’t taste good and you that definitely can’t drink the sea, but also that you can run really fast on the damp sand! She has also suddenly learnt to retrieve a ball which is something her older sister has never quite understood.


Back to reality next week, but she has certainly enjoyed seeing a bit more of the world the last few days!

Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Week 6

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