Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Week 3

At 10 weeks, Scout is ready to tackle her first raw meaty bones! Presented with a chicken wing, she sniffed it warily, then picked it up, carted it into the garden and spent a good half an hour chomping through it, all this while under my supervision. Then she went to sleep for about an hour and a half! Result! Two days later she demolished a duck neck with the same gusto. I’m amazed how those tiny teeth crunched through the bone - am very glad she is getting better at not play biting at our fingers!


Scout went to her very first puppy party at the vets this week.  She was a little bit wary of the rough

and tumble play with the bigger breed puppies, so she watched from the safety of our laps and then

played nicely with a little Chihuahua pup that was very worried about the whole thing. We were very

proud puppy parents that she was so gentle, given how lively she is at home! If we go to three puppy

parties we get a certificate - going to the vets for these is good learning for her and also helps her to

think of the vets as a fun place to go and not just where you get big nasty needles stuck in you!


Scout is also learning more about being on her own at home, as I have to go back to work. She stays

in her crate when I’m out and is fine to be left for a couple of hours now having spent the last

week or so gradually getting her used to being alone. We haven’t quite cracked the house training

yet, and she still needs to be let out regularly, so we have a puppy visit from a dog walker on

the mornings I work.  he comes and lets Scout out to play for half an hour. I am beginning

to think Scout’s social life is better than mine!


Check back next week for more of Scouts adventures.

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