Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Week 2

 Week two - Scout is now nearly 10 weeks old and getting bigger by the day.

This week we have been continuing to work hard on socialisation.  This involved lots of short trips out in the car, coming to the park to watch the other dogs, meeting people and watching the children playing on the playground equipment.


Scout is getting heavy already! She’s put on nearly a kilo this week. She has been bought a baby sling to be carred around in, we get a LOT of attention!


We also visited the vet's for her first vaccinations which she thought was great fun due to the level of attention (and treats!) received!


Our vets, Towerwood (www.facebook.com/towerwoodvets) are just brilliant.  They are a big supporter of raw feeding and, luckily for me and Scout, carry a big stock of Natures Menu food so we will never run out! Next week, we are going back to the vet for our first puppy party! Can’t wait! 


Through a process of swapping meals gradually, we are now on three meals of puppy nuggets a day.  A big order came from Natures Menu this week, so we have duck necks and chicken wings to try when she is 10 weeks as well as Puppy Superfood nuggets, plus some Junior Pouches for those – “oops I’ve forgotten to defrost the puppy’s food” days!  


The days are getting exciting for us and we are looking forward to continuing with our learning, growing and developing.


Until next week :) 


Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Week 2

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