When we think of raw feeding, most people immediately think of our canine friends, but if any of our domestic pets have been crying out for raw food it's cats! From mice to larger prey such as rabbits and birds, cats have been taking matters into their own paws since their domestication began.

The journey from high street cat food to Natures Menu raw...


Here one of our customers Lucy tells us of her journey from High Street Cat Food to Natures Menu Raw.


I had always fed Poppy a high street tinned food, however, I noticed that she was becoming sick and the product seemed a lot runnier than it used to be.  It seemed like a good time to research into a new product to feed her.


My wire haired Vizsla puppy, Lila, was already being fed Natures Menu Puppy Pouches and I was in the process of transitioning her to the raw nuggets, so it seemed like the obvious choice to look into Natures Menu cat products as I had already seen the benefits with Lila and felt that Poppy deserved the same.


I chose to try her on the Natures Menu Raw Nuggets.  I had read that transitioning a cat can be quite daunting but Poppy took to it straight away. 

The results of the raw cat food diet


We are now eight weeks into changing their diet and wow what a difference! In eight weeks, their coats are shiny, their eyes are sparkly and they are full of energy! Poppy was (and still is) a lazy cat, but now she regularly chases puppy Lila around the garden, it’s hilarious and so lovely to see.

Both cats are so much more loving and even Tilly, who is really shy, is much more sociable and inquisitive. I can't quite believe what a difference it has made to them. I now fill their water bowl up every two days, which makes me realise how much water made up their old food.


I have been telling all my friends about the virtues of Natures Menu. One has recently started giving it to her 16 year old cat, and has already seen the difference. We both think it has given her another two years at least.


Thank you Natures Menu, we now have some very happy cats.” - Lucy Porteous, Owner


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