Raw Fed Darcy: Survivor of the year

It was the first day of their summer holiday in the beautiful Scottish highlands when 2 year old cocker spaniel Darcy jumped an innocent looking 5ft wall, and plunged 60ft down the other side onto the concrete base of a dam.


Darcy sustained multiple injuries including a shattered femur, broken bones in her legs and pelvis and internal bleeding, but quite remarkably she survived, and has astounded us all with her incredible recovery.


Here she is just 3 weeks after the accident...



After multiple operations and months of rehabilitation, Darcy was named PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year 2016.


You can see her full story here:



We caught up with owner Wendy Lyons to see how they were getting on, and of course talk about our favourite subject – raw feeding!


 It must be about 6 months since her accident - how is Darcy doing?


Darcy is doing amazingly well, her general health and condition are great, the vets always comment on the shine on her coat. Her front leg and internal injuries have healed fantastically well. Her back leg (broken femoral head/femur shattered) was always going to be slower. We've been told we are looking at around at year for the leg to be as good as it ever will be.


 As raw feeders we are all convinced of the benefits that we see in our own dogs and cats – how do you think Darcy’s raw diet has helped her in her recovery?


I think Darcy must have an incredibly healthy immune system. She never stopped eating Natures Menu (even when critically injured) she still ate every meal. I strongly believe the diet gave her a huge boost which aided her recovery.


What made you choose a raw diet for Darcy?


Darcy suffered terribly from loose stools as a young dog and unfortunately no kibble type diet suited her. We tried Natures Menu after reading about it on the Good Dog Food Guide. Within 2 weeks her bowel issues were a thing of the past and her coat gleamed. We've never looked back.


What would you say to people considering a raw diet for their dog?


Try it! You won't regret it and your dog will love you even more.

Darcy is proof that a good diet like Natures Menu will get you through the very worst.


Thank you Wendy for sharing Darcy's amazing story with us. We hope she continues to live life to the fullest!

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