Raw Feeding Fact or Fiction: Worming

Here we tackle some of the frequently asked questions our vets receive about raw feeding. This month our question is about worming...

Raw Feeding and Worming Treatments

Q: My dog is raw fed - does this mean I have to worm him more often?

A: Not if you are feeding Natures Menu raw! 

All of our raw products go through a strict freezing protocol, whereby they are frozen at -18°C for a minimum of 10 days, destroying any potentially harmful parasites.

Some other pointers to remember when feeding raw:

Store your dogs raw meal in a sealed container


Treat your dog's raw meal in the same way you would treat any raw meat in your kitchen - store it in a sealed container and defrost overnight in the fridge or over 2 hours at room temperature.

Clean anu equipment or surfaces


Clean any equipment or surface areas used in preparing your dog's raw meal. And of course, wash your hands!

Defrost and store in the fridge before feeding


If you feed your dog raw bones, it is safe to rinse the bone and store it in a clean container or zip-lock bag in the fridge, ready for the next chew session! Bones should be thrown away within 24 hours of defrosting.

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