Raw Feeding Changed My Dog's Life

Kerri, a 12 year old Golden Retriever, suffered terribly with food allergies and upset stomachs.  In April 2015, a mass was found in Kerri’s stomach.  The vets were unsure what the mass was and owner Chris was fearing the worst.


Kerri had been unwell for some time and she believed this was down to severe food allergies.  Due to these allergies, Kerri was kept on a strict diet of chicken and rice but further testing resulted in the vets confirming that Kerri was allergic to chicken!

Kerri at Hart pet supplies

Kerri’s owners were desperate not to give up on her and took to doing their own research into different diets.  Following this research, they visited their local pet store, Hart Pet Supplies, with the intention of buying some fish to cook and feed to Kerri. 


It was here that Kerri’s owners were advised of the benefits of a raw diet.  Hart Pet Supplies suggested feeding Natures Menu Raw Fish to see if Kerri had a more stable stomach after this. 


Kerri’s owners were surprised and astonished at the change in their dog; the upset stomach and sickness disappeared almost overnight.


Kerri has since only been fed a Natures Menu raw diet and is finally back to her old self - the happy healthy dog that her owners thought they had lost.

If you are interested in trying your dog on a raw diet, you will find everything you need to know in our advice centre.


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