Raw vs Kibble Dog Food: What Should You Feed Your Dog?

All dog owners want the best for their pets and will do anything to ensure they’re as happy and healthy as possible. However, this is made difficult with the many debates surrounding dog care and what to feed them.

One particularly hot topic is whether kibble or raw food is best for your pet. Of course, this choice should come down entirely to personal preference and the most important thing is that your dog has a healthy and balanced diet.

However, it’s not easy for pet owners to make a well-informed decision.

Thankfully, Natures Menu is here to help make your decision a little easier, highlighting the pros and cons of each, looking at key factors that might influence your decision.

Overall dog health

The aim for any dog owner is to do what’s best for their dog’s overall health, so how do kibble and raw diets compare?

When it comes to kibble, you can count on manufacturers to add in extra supplements to ensure dogs’ get the essential nutrients they need, with ingredients specifically tailored for your dog’s age, size and dietary requirements.

However, it is important to remember that these additions, whilst being a necessity to ensure a complete and balanced diet, may not always be natural.

Due to the high temperatures required to cook the ingredients to produce the kibble consistency, many natural nutrients are destroyed and therefore need replacing synthetically.

As a result, you’ll need to pay close attention to the meat quality and content listed in the ingredients, so you understand exactly what all the ingredients are and how they may affect your dog.

Raw food has its own benefits for your dog’s health. Raw dog food is made to match the natural foods a dog would choose to eat in the wild, which means you can count on understanding exactly what’s in those foods and the nutritional benefits for your dog’s overall health.

Of course, because raw foods are completely natural, it’s reassuring to know exactly what you are feeding your dog and to understand the nutritional benefits.

Country Hunter Raw Nuggets

While a common misconception is that raw food options are limited for your pet, you can help them enjoy the benefits of a raw diet through Natures Menu’s varied options to suit all dogs and their owners. This means you can mix and match the diet according to your dog’s own needs and preferences, creating a diet that’s tailored just for your pet.

With a variety of meat and fish options, there’s a raw food option for even the fussiest of eaters. One of the difficulties in transitioning to any new diet is the risk of digestive upset, however, Natures Menu has a handy transitioning guide to help you out.

Nevertheless, it’s not necessarily a case of picking one or the other, providing you choose the right brand. For a complete dry food, True Instinct’s Raw Boost range can offer a perfect balance of both a raw and kibble diet. Each pack contains a natural blend of fruits, vegetables, superfoods and vitamins with added freeze-dried raw meat pieces to ensure your dog receives a nutritious and balanced meal. This range features a variety of different flavours developed for both puppies and adult dogs and is completely grain free.

True Instinct Raw Boost Range


Of course, you should only ever adopt a dog if you have enough time to care for them, but we all lead busy lives, so it’s understandable that you’re looking for a convenient food option. But convenience doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your pet’s health.

There’s no denying the convenience of kibble; you can buy it in packets and boxes all in different flavours.

But, you don’t need to compromise on convenience when it comes to raw feeding either. Natures Menu have a great range of complete and balanced ready-made meals, pure meat ingredients, single protein and grain free options. They also provide mixer biscuits for those wanting to add some additional ‘crunch’ to their dog’s meals, whilst also offering responsibly sourced raw treats such as meaty bones and chews.


While cost shouldn’t be the only factor that influences the diet for your pet, it’s normal to have a budget in mind. When it comes to kibble, there’s an option to suit pretty much every budget.

With kibble dog food available at large wholesale stores, it’s easy to bulk buy large bags of dry dog food, making a saving. However, even with dry kibble there is a huge variety in price.

This can make choosing a dry kibble product even harder, meaning you’ll need to pay attention to the ingredients list. As well as this, you’ll need to consider how quickly your dog eats this food. Dry kibble may stay fresher for longer, but there is still a limit to how long you should leave a bag open.

A common misconception is that raw diets are prohibitively expensive, which may put you off this option. A raw diet doesn’t have to be expensive.

The Natures Menu food calculator will help you calculate exactly how much you should feed your dog, which means nothing has to go to waste. In addition to this, Natures Menu raw food is of exceptionally high-quality for its price point, using only the best human-grade meat in all its products. This means that, while you might be spending a little more than bulk-bought kibble, you can be sure that you are feeding your dog only the best of the best.

Natures Menu Raw Freeflow Range

With such high-quality foods, you can expect improved overall nutrition, which could mean reduced vet bills for illnesses. Of course, the beauty of raw is that you can mix and match to a level that suits you and your budget.

Alternatively, the Natures Menu True Instinct range makes feeding your pet raw ingredients extremely accessible, because of the bundle deals available. With several different sized bags, you can purchase food in amounts that suit you, meaning that you needn’t pay more just because you have fewer dogs or pets with a smaller appetite.

Your dog’s wellbeing should be at the heart of all decisions you make regarding their diet, but it’s not always black and white and, with so much information online, it can be difficult to know what is to be believed. In highlighting the pros and cons of both kibble feeding and a raw diet, can we hope to have helped you to decide your next course of action. Of course, don’t hesitate to contact the Natures Menu team if you have any more questions, where fully trained staff can give you expert advice.