Rescue Story: Buff the street cat


Five years ago my husband and I sold everything we owned to travel.  We arrived in Thailand two years later and after a couple of jobs, we settled on Phuket for a while.  We were in the very north of the island in a Thai community.


There was a black and white cat that used to stop by and say hello, between us and our neighbours we fed him regularly.  My neighbour called him 'Boofhead' as his head was bigger than his slim body.  He used to sleep on a towel outside our house every night.  


Rainy season starts in July in Phuket and 2 years ago I couldn't leave Buff outside in the horizontal rain overnight - there was just nowhere for him to shelter.  So I said to my husband, can he come in the house tonight? Yes, he replied, but he's not sleeping on the bed.  Later that night both Buff and my husband were snoring, fast asleep on the bed!


A few months later he became very sick. He stopped eating and drinking and was having difficulty breathing. Darren, my husband, gave him a rough chest massage and then we held him over a bowl of steaming water infused with eucalyptus oil.  His nose emptied of green gunk and he was able to breathe much better.


We moved house later that year and we couldn't leave Buff behind, he was now part of the family.  His amazing character started to shine through, he's intelligent and very playful.


Fast forward a year and we are now living and working back in the UK.  Buff joined us 20 June 2016.  To transport an animal from Thailand Buff needed a special blood test called a Titer test.  This is sent to a lab in Brussels who confirmed he was free of rabies.  He had to wait for 3 months in Thailand and then he could fly into the UK without having to go into quarantine.


Amazing friends set up a fund raising campaign to help pay £1000 it cost to get him here which included £358 customs charges we had to pay as soon as he landed.


Buff is doing amazingly well.  It took him a couple of weeks to settle into his new home.  Every morning when he hears the alarm he jumps on the bed for a session of head butts and chin scratches.  He does still sleep on the bed, but he also has his own bed, which he adores.


Buff has tested positive for FIV, which means his immune system is not as strong as other cats.  We'd already made the decision to make sure he had a nutritious diet, but we need to now more than ever.  Buff enjoys the Nature's Menu nuggets range which is full of so many ingredients he loves and is exactly what the doctor ordered.



Buff the street cat

Thanks so much to Deborah for sharing your story with us. Buff has his own Facebook page and has quite a few followers, so head on over to find out more and keep up with his adventures- 


Lorraine Hepburn

posted on 08/12/2016
Buff is a wonderful character and he was so lucky when he met Debs and Darren. They couldn't leave him behind and he's now gone from a street cat in Thailand to a very pampered puss in the UK. xxx

Diane Daniels

posted on 08/12/2016
I have never met Debs, Darren or Buff, face to face!
But I love Debs as she helped me to adopt 2 dogs from Thailand, I owe her a great deal gratitude and I'll never forget what she did for me! I'm still in contact with her as well as on Facebook, and I class her as one of my best friends! I wish Debs and family all the love in the world! xx

aileen Jones

posted on 08/12/2016
I follow Buff and his adventures on facebook,he's a real character.Thank goodness he found Deb and Darren.

Natures Menu

posted on 07/12/2016
We agree Barbara! Love hearing about the things our customers do for love of a pet!

Barbara Pearman

posted on 07/12/2016
What a wonderful story and a lovely cat

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