Scooby the Survivor

Proof a good diet and a lot of love can make all the difference. Poor Scooby was picked up as a stray in a terrible state and taken to our friends at All Dogs Matter.  All dogs matter is a rescue centre that fosters and rehomes dogs in and around London. Check out their website and the fabulous work they do. 


Scooby had been abandoned and clearly badly neglected. He was underweight, with barely any muscle showing, and there were pressure sores all over his back end and legs. As with many dogs taken into a rescue, he was microchipped but Scooby's old owner had little concern about what had happened to him. 


All Dogs Matter have launched an appeal to highlight the dangers of giving a dog away online. Owners should always try and work with a registered charity so that dogs like Scooby don’t have to suffer this way. Luckily, Scooby was taken into foster care straight away and he headed off for some well needed and deserved TLC! 


Scooby before and after

Scooby was given a nice bath to help his skin and a new jumper to keep him warm. We sent Scooby a donation of Natures Menu yummies to help him get his strength back and the difference started to show after only a few days.  The pictures above show how far Scooby has come and really is proof that a lot of love and a good quality diet can make all the difference.


We are pleased to say it didn’t take long for Scooby to find a forever home. He is now a very healthy weight, has a gorgeous soft, shiny coat and is enjoying lots of sofa time!


Scooby is loving his new life and his new forever home. He looks like a new dog and we like to think that Natures Menu helped in some little way.


Scooby was fed a diet of Country Hunter Seriously Meaty Meals and Superfood Crunch.

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