The Campaign Against Puppy Farming

The Campaign Against Puppy Farming

From time to time we get asked, either directly here at Head Office or via social media, our opinion of hot topics or serious issues within the pet industry – particularly issues regarding pet welfare, a matter close to the heart of our customers and all the staff here at Natures Menu.

A recent topic brought to our attention by and their supporters, and one we feel very passionate about, is the intolerable issue of puppy farming and the commercial sale of puppies reared on puppy farms and being sold in pet stores.

Whilst we’ve tried to make our views of support immediately clear on the social media platform used to contact us, our support and opinion cannot be fully heard on the 140 characters that this social media platform allows.

Natures Menu fully support the ethics behind Pupaid's campaign against puppy farming and the selling of puppies in pet shops. We believe in ethical and responsible pet ownership and breeding of puppies and kittens. Puppies, Dogs, Cats and Kittens are an invaluable companion to us all and Natures Menu has supported ethical breeders and rehoming centers for over 30 years.

As a natural and ethical pet food manufacturer committed to ensuring the highest standards, we feel the same should be the case of pet retailers stocking our products.

MD Craig Taylor comments:
“We are passionate about pet welfare and therefore Natures Menu will once again ask our veterinary team to survey all of our directly served retailers to understand if any are actually reselling puppies or kittens.
Natures Menu will continue to invest time in this matter and support the fight against puppy farming. We will take a proactive stance to support this campaign and thank organisations such as for their continued awareness campaign to put an end to puppy farming.”

Natures Menu will continue to support the campaign against puppy and kitten farming and actively challenge the traders who permit puppies and kittens to be sold through unscrupulous channels.

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