The Fight Against Puppy Farming – Our Stance

The Fight Against Puppy Farming – Our Stance

We outlined in a previous post that Natures Menu completely support the campaign to stamp out puppy farming and the intolerable suffering it causes the animals we love so much.

We are a natural pet food company who prides itself on its ethics, and our aim will always be to provide high quality produce to loving pet parents either directly from us or via specialist pet stores across the UK who dedicate themselves to the pets and pet parents who choose to buy products from their stores.

As we educate ourselves further on the puppy farming industry Natures Menu has chosen to make it a policy of our brand to only directly serve retailers who can also demonstrate their commitment to anti-puppy farming by not selling puppies or kittens in their stores.

Natures Menu is committed to encouraging the adoption of puppies and kittens from the many responsible, ethical and reliable sources that allow new pet parents to enjoy the loving relationship a pet companion can bring and we will continue to support the many charities, rescue homes, breeders and pet professionals who provide this valuable service.


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