Travelling with your Puppy

The summer holidays are here and it’s time to pack everyone and everything into the car for that much-anticipated trip to the seaside.  Buckets, spades, picnic, grannie, and of course, the family puppy.  What could be more fun than taking the new four-legged addition on the trip with you, to enjoy the sights and sounds that a day out by the seaside has to offer? In order to enjoy a safe, stress-free trip for every member of the family, including those with four paws and a tail, follow our guide to travelling with your puppy:


Preparation is key

Getting a new puppy is a busy time but if you can make time to prepare them for longer car journeys whilst working through the other elements of socialisation, it will pay dividends in the long run.  Make the car a fun place to be and break down the process of a car journey into simple steps – start by throwing some treats onto the seat, or into the boot, when it is parked up at home and letting your puppy safely explore whilst enjoying sniffing and searching for the food.  Take time to sit in the car with your puppy, with the engine running, so that they can get used to the sound and vibrations made by the engine.  Take your puppy on some short trips in the car, getting them used to the feel of the car’s movement.  If your puppy is going to be wearing a car harness (more on safety below), take time to get them comfortable wearing this in the house, prior to taking them on a trip in the car.


Safety first

Safety is paramount when travelling with your family, and this applies as much to your puppy as to your two-legged family members.  The decision about where the puppy will travel in the car depends on a number of factors but whatever you decide, make sure that the puppy is secure and not able to wander onto your lap whilst you are driving.  Car harnesses can be a great choice for some puppies and are a great option if you have a saloon-> for more information).  If you’ve moved house recently or your personal details have changed, make sure that your puppy’s ID chip information is kept up to date by contacting the relevant organisation.


So, you’re all trained, prepared and packed.  Plan your journey in advance, where possible avoiding hot temperatures and perhaps travelling in the evening to limit the chances of hitting too much traffic.  Enjoy your adventures, puppy and all.  Happy holidays!

Travelling with your puppy - July 2017 - Rachel Butler on behalf of Puppy School

Travelling with your Puppy

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