12 Years of Raw Feeding

“I currently have three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Lady will be 17 years old in September, Minty will be 13 in September and Daisy is 9. Lady and Minty have been with me for 12 years and converted to Natures Menu raw food at that time, Daisy joined us two years ago and made the change at that point. Sadly, along with many Cavaliers, Lady and Minty both have heart problems which make their ages even more impressive!


King Charles Spaniels raw fed for 12 years

Lady (17) is an old lady who sleeps a lot but is always ready for her food and starts pacing around me at 8 am and 4pm to remind me it's food time. She came to me with dental problems and doesn't have too many teeth left, so the raw nuggets are perfect for her and disappear very quickly.  She still gets up to welcome visitors and enjoys a walk around the garden but remains an independent dog unlike Minty and Daisy who love company and want to be wherever I am - preferably alongside me on the settee.


Since I started feeding Natures Menu 12 years ago I have seen an improvement in their teeth. They are all lively happy dogs with few health problems and maintain a healthy weight.


At the time I started using Natures Menu I had five cavaliers – three were newly rescued and a puppy, and all on different diets.

On the advice of other Cavalier owners I changed them all over to raw food and haven't looked back.


With so many dogs it is really convenient to have the food delivered straight to the freezer - I find it clean and easy to feed, portion control is easy with the nuggets and their favourite is the Complete and Balanced Banquet Nuggets – it’s grain free and seems to suit them.


Many thanks to all of you who make ordering and delivery so easy, throughout the 12 years I have been using your products you have never failed to make a delivery even in the worst weather.”


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