Update on Bird Flu 2017

There have been a very limited number of cases of bird flu found within the UK with regards to the recent H5N8 outbreak in Europe. Natures Menu carefully source all meat from within the UK (with the exception of our rabbit meat). The EU legislation Natures Menu abide by will not allow any cross contamination or import of contaminated meat into Europe. Our suppliers have very strict guidelines they must conform to to prevent infection and are following all recommendations set in place by DEFRA. We do not have any concerns that bird flu could affect the raw meat within our products.



DEFRA implement very strict guidelines regarding the recall and management of any farms which may be found positive for this issue. Due to our safety freezing protocol, our meat will be stored for at least 10 days prior to being used in our recipes, so in the rare event that any recalls occur which have affected our suppliers we will then be guided by the DEFRA recommendations. The virus is usually found to reside in the respiratory tract of birds and the majority of our meat used is skeletal meat (with the exception of offal). Due to the highly virulent nature of the H5N8 virus, it is highly unlikely that the meat will have even had chance to enter any production line as death in affected birds occurs very rapidly.



Overall, with the information we currently have from our own research and recommendations from a poultry veterinarian, we feel the risk of cats contracting bird flu from eating our raw meat products is extremely low.


 I do hope this information reassures you that Natures Menu take the utmost care when producing products and quality and safety is very important to us.


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