Raw Pet Food or Supermarket Bought Meat?

We recommend to purchase your raw pet food from a reputable raw pet food manufacturer. Here are some of the reasons why:


  • Food bought from the grocery or butcher is for human consumption, meaning it will end up being cooked. The meat is not intended to be fed raw so they will not have the level of testing or legislation that raw pet food manufacturers must follow.


  • Up to 73% of fresh UK retail chicken is contaminated with Campylobacter.


  • There are more than 50 pieces of legislation governing the manufacture of pet food. From hygiene, safety and marketing claims to additives, restricted raw materials and traceability. The legislation covers a range of topics to ensure safe raw pet food production.


  • Defra approved raw pet food producers are legally required to routinely test for salmonella, as there is a zero tolerance for salmonella in raw pet foods.


  • The storage, handling and supplier of the ingredients are very important when dealing with raw meat. If this is not done appropriately problems can arise and pets could become sick.


What we do at Natures Menu to ensure raw is safe and easy for all to feed to their pets:


  • At Natures Menu, we are working with vets to help them understand the benefits of raw whilst reassuring them about prevention of food borne illness in pets as well as the human health risk.


  • Natures Menu implement a strict freezing protocol for all products which ensures that no parasites will be found within our food and that campylobacter is eliminated by up to 99%.


  • We are working closely with the Food Standards Agency to ensure safety when dealing with raw meat.


  • As a Pet Food Manufacturer Association member (PFMA), we can ensure all our complete and balanced meals are of the highest standard and meet with those set by FEDIAF for all life stages.


  • Natures Menu feel that education is very important and we strive to ensure that pet owners, as well as vets and nurses, can be clearly informed about the pros and cautions required when feeding a raw diet.


  • We supply raw bones and chews which have been through the same freezing and testing protocols as all our other ingredients to ensure quality and safety.


  • Our raw meaty bones are not from elderly stock and have been cut to minimise sharp edges which may cause damage the tongue and gums.


  • We strive to source all our materials from ethical suppliers who have added accreditations such as Red Tractor, RSPCA Freedom Foods, RSPCA Assured, Assured Food Standards and Farm Quality Assured to make sure we only use stock from the best possible suppliers.


  • We inspect our suppliers to ensure they fulfil our strict requirements about quality and welfare.


  • Natures Menu have made raw feeding safe and easy for all pet owners and family households.


If you would like to find out more about Safe Raw Feeding visit the website.


Safe Raw Feeding