Willow cant wait for his festive feast!

Thank goodness Bonfire night has been and gone, this dreaded time of the year for animals seems to have been particularly bad for fireworks, three nights of loud bangs and screechers, I just wish that they were restricted to public displays only as they affect so many animals. Thankfully, Willow was absolutely fine and despite the noise he didn’t even bother to wake up from his slumber until it was feed time and once he had been fed he laid on my lap for his Reiki and fell asleep.


Willow had a dental in November but due to him getting very stressed at the vets, they make arrangements for him to go in when they are ready to give him his pre-meds.  Try explaining to Willow why he can’t have any food, the poor boy was running back and forwards from his food bowl to the feed cupboard meowing as he ran in sheer desperation for some food, but for some reason Mommy was not taking the hint to feed him. I felt awful that I had to disrupt his routine but needs must. Then we had the dreaded car journey with Willow making the weirdest sounds, talk about making me feel guilty. As soon as Willow was anaesthetised he was put on fluids to keep him hydrated throughout, his dental went according to plan and he only required a scale and polish. It was a long 5 hours with him not being at home, the house felt completely empty, so I was on countdown until we went to collect him. Apart from the partially shaved leg the vets kept his looks intact which is so important him being the ‘brand ambassador for Natures Menu’ as we like to have regular photoshoots!


Now to continue with the dental care at home, trying to persuade Willow that me rubbing his gums with special cat toothpaste is good for him and he should allow me to do it will take some doing but there is always plan B. I also ordered a product which is a 100% natural food supplement that you can sprinkle on the food which over a period of 3 – 8 weeks can help boost dental hygiene and reduce tartar, so this may be the easier option for Willow and thankfully it will not interfere with any of the remedies prescribed by his holistic vet.


Followers of Willow’s blog may recall that Willow was a tad confused with the clocks going back and was waking me up rather early in his quest for an early breakfast. He then started to scratch on the wardrobe door making a heck of a racket in the process not good when you are trying to sleep. Thankfully he has decided this is too much hard work and whilst he is waking up early every now and again he soon settles down. 


Willow has been enjoying some time out in the garden, although in this cold weather he is reluctant to stay out long. He does not like getting his paws wet so has come up with a way to avoid this! He jumps onto the patio wall and walks to the other side to get to the path and walks down to his grass bush and scratch post. #ihaveaclevercat #fuelledbynaturesmenu.


Many cat owners will see their cats have ‘mad moments’ and Willow is no exception to this, sometimes it can be near to a full moon but often it is after he has gone to his litter tray, he then runs frantically around the house before jumping into the empty bath, now I know why we always keep the loo seat down as I am sure he would attempt to jump into that as well!


I recently wrote an article about winter and festive dangers for Cat World magazine and with so many around I am surprised I have not cancelled Christmas! The festive season can prove to be hazardous for cats and because I am so paranoid I will not have a lily, poinsettia or anything that could harm Willow in the house. We always have a real Christmas tree and we always check for dropping needles in case, baubles are out of reach etc!!


With the festive season approaching owners of much loved pets are scouring the pet retailers for gifts for their furry friends and treats to give them on Christmas day so that they are included in the family’s festive activities and as well-meaning as that can be, cats have sensitive digestive systems and any sudden change in diet can lead to potential digestive problems. Whilst it might be tempting to give your cat some of your Christmas dinner as well intended as it is, it could cause indigestion and in some cases vomiting and diarrhoea. Cats are not used to eating rich or fatty foods so apart from the fact it could lead to them putting on excess weight, eating fatty foods could trigger pancreatitis Thank goodness for Natures Menu, as every day is like Christmas day for a cat! Willow has a mixture of different delicious flavours all created by the Natures Menu team, so he could start his day with chicken, salmon and cod or chicken or chicken and turkey, followed by either chicken and goose or duck and pheasant, what more could a cat want? Except perhaps more food and to try the treats Natures Menu have to offer, even their treats are 95% meat/fish content.


Willow and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas.


Willow cant wait for his festive feast!

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