Willow our cat brand ambassador - Oct 2017

The darker mornings appear to have affected Willow’s body clock judging by the time he keeps waking up, so far it has been anywhere between 5.38am and 5.58am. I should not be surprised as this happens every year! As he jumps off the bed in anticipation of an early breakfast he is disappointed when he realises that it is not feed time. Willow like many cats are highly intelligent and if I was to get up ‘on demand’ and feed him, he would soon realise that early rises mean breakfast and before you know it I would have in effect made a rod for my own back. The last couple of mornings Willow has slept through so I was hoping that this is the end of the very early wake up calls, however, just as I thought we had turned a corner, the last couple of morning’s he excelled himself, the first wake-up call was at 4.23am followed by 5.38am and 6.43am.


Despite the lack of sunshine in the morning, Willow brightens any day as he head nudges me repeatedly and puts his paw gentle on my face, When he does let me sleep in, Willow is the first thing I see when I wake up, I see him watching over me with his big beautiful eyes and he gently puts his paw on my face before he starts to suckle and paw at his blanket trilling and purring as he does it. He then starts nuzzling me before jumping off the bed in anticipation of his breakfast which is either chicken and turkey or senior chicken, salmon and cod.


When Willow was diagnosed with lymphoma back in 2011, I decided to train in Reiki to support him through his chemotherapy. Willow still enjoys his regular sessions of Reiki, he decides how long he wants it for and sometimes it is for as little as 10 minutes. At bedtime he certainly lets me know when he wants Reiki by stretching out and as the Reiki flows into his body he breathes a large sigh before falling asleep. I can see his whiskers twitching and legs moving almost as if he is dreaming about all the birds and mice he would like to catch! 

As I wake in the morning

For anyone who does not know what Reiki is, it is a Japanese form of healing that helps to balance the mind and body through light touch and is a method of channelling energy through still hands.


Rei (pronounced Ray) means universal and Ki (pronounced Key) is spirit, energy or life force. Reiki is not a religion. It is a gentle, painless and non- invasive therapy that can heal on all levels, whether that be on an emotional or physical level it goes to the issues in need, even those unknown to the practitioner and it brings no harm to the animal.


Animals are naturally open to receiving Reiki and will seek out your touch when they are in need of a boost, let the animal be the judge of how much Reiki they want to receive as they will let you know when they have had enough. If you have a very shy animal who is sat at the other end of the room you can still send them Reiki using different techniques, there is no need to confine or restrain them.


When receiving Reiki animals will become quiet and go into a state of relaxation, many let out a large sigh before stretching out, Willow does this every time before falling asleep.


Autumn mornings bring dew on the grass which does not go down well with a cat who does not like to get his paws wet! Being the clever cat that he is he walks around the path instead thus avoiding the wet grass in his quest to get to his favourite grass bush and scratch post.  This then gives Willow a good vantage point to watch the passing wildlife who breathe a huge sigh of relief that he can’t chase around the garden after them because he is on a harness, however, this does not stop him climbing the plum tree or the wall to get a better view! Given half the chance Willow would decimate the wildlife population including the pheasants which my Father tends to so passionately. All is not lost as one of Willow’s favourite meals is duck and pheasant!  


The resident hedgehogs have also been treated to a feast of chicken and turkey as we try to build them up in time for hibernation, no wonder we are seeing more and more as word spreads what delicious food they get!


We are now approaching Bonfire Night and the sights and sounds of the fireworks terrify the majority of cats. The first year Willow lived with me he was absolutely petrified, he hid under the table then flew around the room like a ping pong ball, but the subsequent years have been rather uneventful with Willow climbing onto the window sill to watch the fireworks.


We wish you all a safe and stress-free Bonfire Night.

Willow our cat brand ambassador - Oct 2017

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