Willow wishes you a very Merry Christmas

With the festivities approaching, Willow is eagerly planning his menu for the Christmas period as we furnish our home with pet-friendly Christmas decorations.

This means festive flowers like poinsettia (a plant which can cause an upset stomach to cats if eaten) is a no go in our household. Whilst Willow is fascinated with the twinkling of the baubles, he has so far made no attempt to play with them, I can only assume it is too much hard work especially when his heated cushion waits for him. He does like watching the electric candles flicker but when a cat has to sleep they have to sleep!

Waking up with Willow

Readers of Willow’s blog may remember that when the clocks went back last year, he tended to wake up much earlier and scratching on the wardrobe became the norm, this was to annoy me enough so that I would give in and give him his breakfast several hours earlier. Needless to say it didn’t work! We had a similar problem with our elderly cat Pops who would routinely wake my parents for food, even though her bowl had plenty of food in it, she merely wanted them to watch her eating before she toddled back off to bed and because they did not break the cycle it continued forever and a day! I was determined not to do this with Willow and eventually he got the message and slept through instead. I did not want to jinx myself by saying anything before, but I am so relieved that history has not repeated itself this year!

Trip to the Vets

Willow went for his heart scan last week and thankfully everything was stable. He was only allowed 20 grams of food before 7am enough to get his medication in and after that he had to be starved in case he had to be sedated. He did not appear to notice that he had a smaller portion and returned to bed as soon as he had eaten it. It was only later in the morning that he realised something was up as he ran from the bowl to the feed cupboard looking at me with his beautiful big eyes and licking his lips as if to say, ‘are you not going to feed me?’ 

WIllow resting

Just after lunch, I received a call from his veterinary practice asking me to bring him in, as soon as he saw the basket he just knew, and I felt awful. But, he was as good as gold and just walked into the basket. Later that day Willow’s vet Mark rang, he said they had managed to do a heart scan, clip his nails and take his blood pressure and bloods all without sedation. He remarked how chilled Willow was, which was hardly surprising given that he had two Reiki sessions earlier that day although he was starting to become tetchier and less cooperative when it came to his blood pressure being taken. He was very happy with his results which was such a huge relief and Willow could go home!

As soon as Willow arrived home, he ran up the stairs and sought sanctuary in the bathroom, not sure why but I felt it was best to leave him until he had settled down before seeing if he wanted something to eat. As soon as I said the word ‘food’ he ran down the stairs like grease lightning and tucked into his feast of chicken and turkey. I fed him little and often for the rest of the evening.

Cat Ambassador for Natures Menu

How did Willow become the first 'cat brand ambassador' for Natures Menu cat food?

To cut a long story short, Willow was a stray found wandering the streets when he came into the sanctuary where I was a volunteer. I fell in love with his endearing personality and adopted him, however a couple of months later he was diagnosed with the very early stages of feline lymphoma and embarked on 18 months of chemotherapy which was combined with alternative remedies, Reiki and a high meat content diet. Fifteen months into his treatment I contacted Cat World magazine to see if they would be interested in his story and from then on, he has appeared regularly in the magazine for the last 6 years and been on the front cover 3 times! Since he simply adores his Natures Menu cat food I approached Natures Menu to see if they would be interested in me writing a blog about Willow and his story. It was then Willow was given a huge accolade and made the 'first cat brand ambassador' and the rest they say is history!

Willow and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a happy and a healthy 2019.