Another Massive Milestone for Willow

The 28th of December marked another milestone in Willow’s life as it was 6 years since he finished his chemotherapy treatment for feline lymphoma.

With regular visits to the vets, Willow was well-known as being the most awkward cat when it came to taking tablets. It was a major operation, both my Dad & I had to use disposable gloves and gowns to get him to take his chemotherapy tablet.

Winter Adventures

Willow has only braved it into the garden a couple of occasions this year, it has either been too cold, wet or windy! But, one January morning, Willow decided it was warm enough for a wander into the garden. He visited the rockery to watch the birds, he then walked down the path heading to his favourite scratch post before tootling back up the garden and into the warmth of the house.

Willow resting in the warm.

The next time he ventured outside didn’t last as long as he decided the weather was not to his liking. After a few moments in the bitter cold, he quickly ran back up the garden as fast as his legs could carry him to get back into the warm.

One breakfast, Willow raced up the stairs and disappeared out of sight. It was only when I saw these two big eyes appearing from behind the door, I realised he had gone into the grandparents’ room. They were blissfully unaware of his presence until he started racing around the room, jumping on the bed and using the ottoman as a scratch post. It was a scene that easily resembled ‘Simon’s Cat’.

How did Willow become the first 'cat brand ambassador' for Natures Menu cat food?

Willow was a stray found wandering the streets when he came into the sanctuary where I was a volunteer. I quickly fell in love with his endearing personality and not long after, I adopted him. However, a couple of months later, he was diagnosed with early stages of feline lymphoma. He embarked on a journey of 18 months chemotherapy which was combined with alternative remedies, Reiki and a high meat content diet.

Since he adores his Natures Menu cat food, I approached Natures Menu to see if they would be interested in Willow’s story. It was then, Willow was given a huge accolade and made the 'first cat brand ambassador' and the rest they say is history!

Country Hunter Cat Food