Zest has had an amazing month.

Wow me and Zest have been having an amazing time this month she gained another two wins towards grade 6 (Dog agility grades run from Grade 1 to 7) earlier this month winning some of the classes by quite a margin. She is still a young dog at 2 years old and is really developing into a lovely dog to handle. I thought that the 2 wins this month were great however we were also at a final this month at the Malvern Three Counties Autumn Show. The Camddwr Cup Final is open to grades 3 to 5 so is classed as a Novice event. We worked hard throughout the year to qualify for the event by being one of the top competitors at a qualification event. There were over 30 dogs in the final including some of the very best Novice dogs in the country.

This was Zest’s first ever final so you can never be sure how they will react to the crowds, commentator as well as something I hadn’t bargained for DUCKS!! Zest loves ducks, see my previous blog on recall challenges. The ducks were there for some herding demonstrations in the main ring and stored right next to it behind a little fence but very much visible as Zest was sat on the start line. She did me very proud and left the ducks alone all day, okay maybe she had a sneaky look on the start line of one of the warm up runs. When we got to the final Zest ran early at number 6 and put in an excellent run very fast and smooth which put the pressure on all of the remaining competitors. We sat and watched the remainder of the event and although some people came close no one could beat Zest’s time. This meant we won the title, gorgeous trophies as well as so many amazing prizes! For Zests first final I couldn’t be happier and it has set us up brilliantly for our Olympia preparations for December.

Here is Zest’s run in the final. https://youtu.be/fDlIPs1iR2k


I am so proud of how she is running and the active nuggets she had the night before certainly helped her keep her energy up on a busy day!


Love and Licks


Nicola and Zest

Zest our sponsor dog at a show

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