A Fantastic 2018 for Zest and Piri

Wow, what a year 2018 was for Zest. She qualified to compete at the top level of British Agility at Grade 7 after achieving brilliant wins last summer in Grade 6. This means Zest has a promising 2019 in store as she is eligible for Championship classes.

Zest on the International Stage

We travelled to France to compete in an international competition where Zest showed off her fantastic abilities by placing second against competitors from all over Europe and qualifying for her first European final!
We played at a new agility event this year called the Agility Open which has world class courses and stiff competition. Despite a few wobbles on the first day, Zest showed her true skills by winning the title of Future Prospect and then going on to beat much more experienced dogs to take the title of National Champion.

Road to Crufts 2019

Remember that heat wave that seems like a distant memory? Well Zest wasn’t too fussed and thought it was a great time to sunbath. However, in between the sunbathing, Zest put in a fantastic performance along with her teammates to qualify for the team event at Crufts 2019.
She also qualified for the heats of Novice Olympia and the Senior Olympia, not just once but twice! She then went on to place fourth in the novice with a controlled run in the quarter finals to take us to one of the most exciting agility events in the calendar.
At Olympia in December, Zest was at peak physical fitness and looked in phenomenal shape. However, luck wasn’t on our side as she had a slip on the see saw causing us to be eliminated.
Thankfully due to her excellent physical condition both through diet and exercise, she only had a few tight spots. After a pamper treatment and some acupuncture, she ran in the afternoon to place third in the Grand Prix.

Zest and Piri enjoying themselves in the water

Zest Representing Great Britain

As we headed towards the end of the agility year, we received a phone call offering us the great honour of becoming a development dog for team GB. An exciting prospect for such a young dog which we accepted. We are currently training to improve Zest’s fitness and skills so that she is ready for the process leading up to the try-outs in April.

Piri the Rising Star

Zest’s friend, Piri, has been working hard with my other half, Dan, to learn lots of things about agility and we are hoping she can compete very soon. She is a small but mighty dog with a super drive to work hard. She played in the ring earlier this year where she showed off just how focussed and talented she is. We are very excited for her future as she is showing so much promise, so watch this space for her antics this year!

What’s on the Menu?

As trainers, we both believe that a natural diet plays such a huge part in having a happy and healthy dog. This year we have fed Natures Menu for a full year with Turkey Mince and Bone Chews for breakfast, Country Hunter Nuggets for teas and Country Hunter cans for those long journeys on the road. As converted kibble feeders, we couldn’t ever go back, especially when we see their happy eyes and cute, twitchy noses every time we open the freezer.

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