Quality from farm to bowl

From the provenance of our ingredients to the processes in our factory to the delivery of our products to you, we work hard ensuring the quality your pet deserves.

Traceable every step of the way

We only work with carefully selected suppliers and wherever possible deal directly with the grower, farmer or meat provider. That means, we know exactly where every single ingredient in your pet's food has come from and we're satisfied that it was produced to the highest possible standard.

Made in our factory in Norfolk

We've been making our products with care and love in Norfolk since 1981, and we built our new state-of-the-art production facility in 2018. Not only is it where we create our recipes, it gives us complete control. Simple and gentle processes preserving the goodness of the ingredients and ensuring our exacting quality standards are always met.

Nothing artificial, chemical or unpronounceable

We believe that if you don't know what an ingredient is, your pet's body won't either. You won't find any chemical additives, artificial flavours, bulkers or added sugar in any of our products. If it's not a real food that'll do your pet good, it doesn't go in. It's as simple as that.

The best food for your pet

Make sure that your cat or dog is getting the nutrition they need to be their best.

Real ingredients make real meals

The finest, tastiest, most nutritious ingredients are all we use in our delicious real meals for cats and dogs.

Need some advice?

Tell us a little bit about your pet and discover the perfect food and portion size for them.
What are their lifestyle and preferences?

What you will get

  • Tailored food advice
  • Perfect quantities for
    your pet's ideal weight

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