Raw Feeding for Puppies

We’ve put together a host of helpful videos, articles and FAQs to help you feed your puppy a raw, natural diet.

A puppy with a raw bone

Get started with puppy raw feeding

At Natures Menu we like to keep it simple and wholesome with a range of raw and natural dog foods that are perfect for all puppies from weaning. We recommend feeding a complete and balanced puppy food to ensure all vital nutrients are fed within the correct levels at this important developmental stage. Always follow our online feeding calculator for information on feeding amounts, to ensure your puppy gets everything they need.

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A puppy with a raw bone

Transitioning puppies from other foods

If you are going to be transitioning your puppy from a different food other than raw, we advise that you do this over several days to allow their young digestive system time to adapt slowly. If you are feeding 3 or 4 small meals per day, we suggest switching 1 meal to raw for 3 days, then 2 meals to raw for 3 days, then 3 meals to raw etc. until all meals are successfully changed.

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A puppy with a raw bone

Are raw bones & chews suitable for puppies?

Puppies can be offered bones and chews as soon as they are fully weaned onto raw food. We recommend starting with our easy chews, such as beef tracheas or tripe chunks to help them adapt their jaw strength. Following successful feeding of these, soft, light bones can be introduced such as duck or chicken wings, depending on the size of your puppy. We advise against feeding any bones which are very dense to help protect their baby teeth. For more information, see our helpful bone guide.

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