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New to Raw? Let's get started

We’ve put together a host of helpful videos, articles and FAQs to help you transition your dog to a raw, natural diet.

Grass Fed Beef

Complete and Balanced Raw Nuggets

If you’re new to raw, you might like to start with our no-fuss, complete and balanced raw nuggets. Available in lots of different and delicious flavours, packed with raw fruit, grain free options, chicken free options, vegetables and of course meat, they’re super easy to prepare. Just pour, thaw and feed.

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Grass Fed Beef

Make your own with home prepare

Want to be able to create your dog’s own unique raw meals? Choose from the vast selection of responsibly sourced raw ingredients, from meats and chews to mixers, fruit and veg in our Home Prepare range.

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Grass Fed Beef

Raw not for you?

We know that raw feeding isn’t for everyone, or every dog. That’s why we’ve put our natural, real meals into dry food, cans and pouches too. Cooked through minimal processing techniques to preserve all the natural goodness, every single recipe is packed with delicious natural ingredients and none of the nasties (like added sugars, artificial flavours) you might find in some other wet and dry pet foods.

Tell us about your pet

Every animal is different. Tell us about your cat or dog and we'll give you tailored feeding advice and information based on your pet's needs.

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