Training courses and qualifications for vets and vet nurses.

Below are the current training options available. If you would like to discuss this or any other apect of raw and natural feeding with one of our vets please contact Melanie Sainsbury by emailing who will be happy to help.

Online Training Courses:

Raw Consultant

Raw Consultant

Our Veterinary Raw Consultant is a modular nutritional course designed for those members of staff with a particular interest in nutrition.  There are four modules covering the following:

Each module is assessed by completing 30 multiple choice questions, 120 questions in all. Please find access to the quiz below.

Please note that there is no time limit, you may save the answers and go back to it on another date and you may reference the modules to help answer the questions.
To pass the Raw Consultant, we require an 85% pass score. Should you be unsuccessful you can re-take the quiz until you have passed.
Following successful completion you will receive a badge and certificate for 8 hours of free CPD within 4 weeks and earn the title of ‘Raw Consultant’.*

Good luck and thanks for signing up.

*We may ask you to provide your RCVS registration number to validate you are a registered veterinary surgeon or nurse and we will contact you should this information be required. Upon successful completion of the test, our certification department will be informed and your award will be posted to the address provided within three weeks. Please do not contact Natures Menu unless you have not received your certificate after 4 weeks post completion.