Are dog food toppers worth it?


The most popular food toppers and whether you need to add them if you’re feeding a raw diet

Are dog food toppers worth it?

Quick facts

  • If you’re feeding a balanced raw food diet, you shouldn’t need to add anything.
  • But, nutritious treats, snacks and toppers can be a way to add variety and tempt fussy eaters.
  • Dog food toppers can include everything from bone broth to pumpkin.


Raw dog food diets are becoming increasingly popular for pet parents who want to provide a more natural diet for their pooch.

Then, there’s the dog food toppers trend. This is all about adding extra ingredients and nutrients to your dog’s dish, and there are millions of inspiring (and sometimes overwhelming) #DogFoodToppers videos on TikTok.

For some people, this is a fun way of mixing up their dog’s diet. For others, this can seem like a real chore!

Don’t stress – here’s the lowdown on the best dog food toppers and why you don’t necessarily need to overthink your dog’s diet if you’re feeding a good quality raw.

If I’m feeding raw, do I need to add dog food toppers?

In short, no. ‘Complete’ raw dog food already has everything your dog needs – from high-quality meat to vegetables. You can get this in our Natures Menu personalised meal plans.

However, dog food toppers might be a good idea if you’re feeding kibble or other foods – or you just want to treat your dog now and again.


What are dog food toppers?

Dog food toppers are ingredients that you add to your dog's main meal. They might help to enhance taste and nutrition – or help when you’re transitioning them from kibble to raw.

They can range from liquids like bone broths to fresh veggies and freeze-dried superfoods.

They can also be useful for adding variety to your dog’s diet and enticing picky eaters.

If you’re feeding a complete raw diet, they’re not a must – they’re purely down to your preference and your dog’s needs.


What are the benefits?

You can add dog food toppers to:

  • Help them transition from kibble to raw – adding extra flavours and textures can help entice fussy eaters to try their new raw food.
  • Improve digestibility – some pooches have sensitive tums and can benefit from toppers like a good-quality probiotic or pumpkin. It’s always worth talking to your vet before you add these to your dog’s diet.
  • Address specific issues – some dogs might need extra supplements to help with health issues, like supporting their joints as they get older.
  • Add variety to their diet – again, there’s no pressure to constantly mix up your dog’s diet. However, toppers can help to add variety and fun to your dog’s bowl.

What are the best dog food toppers?

Popular food toppers include:

1. Bone broth

This tasty broth can add flavour to your dog’s meals. It also contains collagen, which can be good for maintaining joints and healthy skin. However, there’s limited research to prove its benefits for dogs.


2. Fresh veg

A lot of raw dog foods already contain veg, but some of our customers like to add a small amount of extra veg to their dog’s bowl.

Opt for veg that’s healthy for dogs like boiled or steamed broccoli, spring greens or spinach. You could also puree them to make them more easily digestible.


3. Canned pumpkin

Plain and organic canned pumpkin can be a good dog food topper. It’s a great source of fibre and contains antioxidants. It can be especially helpful for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


4. Yoghurt

Natural yoghurt contains probiotics that can help with gut health and many dogs love the taste. You could also add this to a Lickimat as a treat.


5. Sardines

Sardines are a great source of protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Opt for sardines in water though, as sardines in oil can add too much fat to your pup’s diet.


6. Blueberries

These are a low-calorie, antioxidant-rich fruit that adds sweetness and texture. They don’t need to be fresh, frozen is also good. Only give them a small handful daily.

Overall, dog food toppers are about adding just a little of these extra ingredients to your dog’s bowl – now and again.


Are raw chews and bones worth it?

Raw chews and bones are a great addition to a raw dog food diet. Chewing can help with dental health – reducing plaque and tartar build-up. And they contain essential minerals and calcium.

However, you always want to choose bones that match your dog’s size and supervise them when they’re having a good chow. And, never give your dog cooked bones.


The bottom line

While dog food toppers can be a fun way of adding variety to your dog’s bowl, they’re not essential if you’re feeding high-quality raw food like Natures Menu.

Aim for a balanced approach to your dog’s diet – just like yours. Plus, every dog is unique, so pay attention to your dog's weight, the condition of their coat and energy levels – and speak to your vet if you’re ever worried.

Want to keep things simple? Try our personalised meal plans with high-quality raw ingredients – including fresh fruits and vegetables – to help keep your puppy healthy and happy.