High-quality <b>natural ingredients</b> from carefully selected suppliers.

High-quality natural ingredients from carefully selected suppliers.

<b>Visible health effects </b>from small, firm poos to a healthy coat.

Visible health effects from small, firm poos to a healthy coat.

Hassle-free <b>home delivery</b>. Free on purchases over £39.

Hassle-free home delivery. Free on purchases over £39.

Quick and easy to dish up - simply <b>pour, thaw and serve</b>.

Quick and easy to dish up - simply pour, thaw and serve.

The best fit <b>for their needs:</b> Complete & Balanced, Ready to Mix, Wet & Snacks.

The best fit for their needs: Complete & Balanced, Ready to Mix, Wet & Snacks.

Nutritious raw recipes <b>crafted by our experts</b>.

Nutritious raw recipes crafted by our experts.


Looking for something
a little more personal?

Get a meal plan tailored to your dog’s unique needs.



meal plans

✓ A unique meal plan tailored to your dog’s needs
✓ Raw, natural ingredients packed full of goodness
✓ A flexible subscription with FREE delivery forever

No-nonsense nutrition

No-nonsense nutrition

◦ Quality, natural ingredients
◦ No colourings, additives or preservatives
◦ Packed with protein and superfoods
◦ Backed by experts

“High-quality food for my sensitive giant breed dog

Ordering is easy and amending my subscription is simple. The staff are really helpful when you call. High-quality food my dog loves, and it keeps him fit and healthy. Delivery is timely and I am kept informed throughout.”

– Diane, October 2023 ★★★★★

“Improved coat and firmer stools

I started my Labrador on the duck nuggets as recommended by my herbal vet. Our girl loves them and always cleans her bowl! Her stools are firmer and her coat has improved. It was easy to order and quick delivery to my door. Customer service is excellent.”

– Margaret, September 2023 ★★★★★

“Makes dinner time so easy!

I’ve fed my dogs Natures Menu for many years now and they’ve loved every meal! Choice of protein is excellent and knowing the nuggets are balanced with fruit and vegetables makes it easy to feed my dogs a balanced diet. I definitely recommend the company and I will continue to feed my dogs Natures Menu for years to come! The monthly delivery is always on time and the drivers are very friendly.”

– Sarah, September 2023 ★★★★★


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