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Knowing what’s in your cat’s food can be confusing. Natures Menu makes it super easy to understand, making sure you feed your cat a balanced, tasty meal, every time.

Especially for cats


Cats need a high meat, quality diet to help them thrive - and that's exactly what is in our canned cat food.

Our adult and kitten ranges contain at least 70% meat and all our recipes are made with recognisable, natural ingredients that are full of goodness. We make it easy to ensure your cat gets a complete and balanced meal every time.

Real Ingredients

Real Flavour

Real Goodness

High meat High meat
Complete &  Balanced Complete & Balanced
Delicious  taste Delicious taste


real, simple, delicious

Everything you need to know about our new range and our wet and canned cat food. Natures Menu for cats - everything your cat needs to thrive and nothing more.

Especially for kittens

Especially for kittens

It's never too early to feed your cat a delicious, healthy, natural meal. Our kitten food is made with a selection of premium meats that will provide them with all the nutritious goodness they need to develop.

Especially for seniors

Especially for seniors

Our senior cat food is a complete and balanced meal prepared with high meat and added rice, formulated for easy digestion. Packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals your older cat needs to grow old gracefully.


Long, healthy lives on Natures Menu

"I’ve owned several Siamese cats. They all came to me weaned onto complete dry food and I began immediately to transition them onto Nature Menu. They’ve lived their whole lives on a raw diet ever since. Thea and Tabitha are aged 23 and 17. Tabitha has never been to the vets except to be spayed, and Thea only in the last year for a jab to ease old-age stiffness in her legs.

We lost two others last year, Sisko at 22 years old and Mimms at 27. Sisko loved a chicken wing and would drag it between his front legs like a lion with a gazelle, growling over his prize, before scoffing the lot. A natural diet is just the best way to give both cats and dogs a long, happy, healthy life."

Purrfect Treats

Purrfect Treats

We only ever use real, quality ingredients. Whole cuts of responsible source human-grade meat and delicious whole fruits and vegetables from trusted farms.


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Whether you're just getting started and need advice on transitioning, or if you're curious about a particular aspect of raw, you'll find all the advice and information you need here.