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Transitioning your Dog

Thinking about changing dog food? We’ve put together a host of information to help you transition your dog to a raw, natural diet.

how to start your dog
on a raw diet

We recommend a 7-day transition period. Divide your dog's daily ration
into two portions: one raw and one their usual food. Feed each portion ideally 12 hours apart.
Eg. raw in the morning and normal food in the evening.
From day 8 you can feed 100% raw.

transitioning to raw with Natures Menu

While many dogs can cope without a transition period we recommend this method to give the body time to adjust digestive enzyme release, alter stomach pH, adapt intestinal microbiome ('friendly' bacteria), and promote healthy digestion and metabolism.

frequently asked

New to raw? We know it can seem a little bit daunting, but we've got plenty of tips to help you on your way.


More often than not, yes. But positively!

Most of our customers find that feeding a raw diet, with the appropriate amount of raw bone, results in drier, less odorous and more solid, easier to pick up poo.

The harder stool may also improve anal gland problems, as the poo will allow the anal glands to express themselves naturally through its passing.


Raw bones can be fed up to 2-3 times a week to promote dental hygiene and provide a naturally satisfying chew session for your pet.

Some bones may last longer than others and some may be too hard for young dogs or older dogs with weaker teeth. So make sure you choose the most appropriate bone or chew for your dog. We offer a big selection for all types of dogs.


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If you've got a query about raw feeding or Natures Menu, you'll probably find the answer in our frequently asked questions.

How to feed raw
with Natures Menu



If you’re new to raw, you might like to start with our no-fuss, complete and balanced raw nuggets. Available in lots of different and delicious flavours, packed with raw fruit, grain free options, chicken free options, vegetables and of course meat, they’re super easy to prepare. Just pour, thaw and feed.


No fillers, no derivatives, no nasties. Just 100% the real thing. Delicious whole ingredients from nature, combined to make complete and balanced meals for your pet. Delicious for them, easy for you.


make your own with Ready to Mix

Want to be able to create your dog’s own unique raw meals? Choose from the vast selection of responsibly sourced raw ingredients, from meats and chews to mixers, fruit and veg in our Home Prepare range.

raw not for you?

We know that raw feeding isn’t for everyone, or every dog. That’s why we’ve put our natural, real meals into dry food, cans and pouches too. Cooked through minimal processing techniques to preserve all the natural goodness, every single recipe is packed with delicious natural ingredients.


“The perfect pair”

I have noticed so many benefits since switching my two-year-old Labrador, Winston, onto a raw diet. Not only has he maintained a beautiful coat but the raw diet has helped me to manage his weight and I instantly saw a noticeable and positive difference to his poos too!

When we take Winston to the vets for check-ups, they comment on his teeth, coat and body being in the perfect condition – it makes me feel so proud.

When we got Leo, our six-month-old Labrador, he had been weaned onto raw by the breeder, and it was a no brainer for us to continue this diet. Similarly, he is in fantastic condition and has such a soft coat!"