Complete & Balanced 60/40

60% Chicken with salmon

Wholesome and meaty raw nuggets made with chicken and salmon dog food. A healthy complete and nutritionally balanced raw meal for dogs. Pack size 1kg. Approximately 58 nuggets per pack.

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Product information

Our frozen Chicken and Salmon dog food nuggets are a delicious blend of tasty, nutritious vegetables and wholesome brown rice. Our raw chicken with salmon dog food nuggets are an obvious choice for many owners. Chicken is packed with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, as well as being easy on digestion and a tasty source of protein. It’s easy to understand why dogs love it.

Our raw, freshly frozen chicken and salmon dog food nuggets are simple to serve with parboiled brown rice added, to provide your dog with a healthy source of carbohydrate, rich in minerals and vitamin B. Our nuggets provide your dog with everything they need and nothing they don’t, with no surprises. We're proud to use the highest quality, natural ingredients that you can see, understand and trust. All our 60/40 receips are complete and balanced, provding your dog with everything they need and are crafted by our amazing and trusted experts. You can trust us to provide you with worry-free natural feeding and mess-free meal times!

Our frozen chicken and salmon dog food nuggets may occasionally differ in colour and appearance between batches; this can be attributed to the fact that this is a raw and natural product, without any artificial preservatives or colours. Suitable for all adult dogs. This frozen raw dog food may contain small pieces of bone (4g per 100g).

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Complete & Balanced

60 /40

60% delicious meat & offal content with 40% fruits, vegetables and healthy grain content. Our complete 60/40 minced blocks and nuggets are quick and easy for you to dish up - simply pour, thaw and serve.


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