Discover the Benefits of Raw Dog Food


Many of us who have the privilege of owning dogs consider them part of the family. They give us so much love, companionship and joy, and it’s no wonder we want to give them the best care we can. One way we can show our love and appreciation for them is by feeding them a diet that is best suited to their welfare. Here at Natures Menu, that’s our goal, and many of our satisfied Natures Mates tell us about the benefits of raw dog food they notice in their furry, four-legged family members.

The Ultimate Friendship

There’s a lot behind the simple idea that dogs are our best friend. In fact, scientific findings suggest our furry companions have lived alongside us for the past 20,000 years! You may not see much of the wolf in the Pekinese or Poodle curled up beside you on the sofa, but all domesticated dogs are descendants of the grey wolf, and their dietary needs haven’t changed much. One of the benefits of raw dog food is that it most closely recreates the way your dog would eat in their natural state.

The Benefits of Natural Dog Food

Unlike cats, dogs aren’t carnivores by necessity, and can sustain themselves by consuming a range of other ingredients. Their natural diet would mainly consist of whole prey, but they are also scavengers and can eat a range of fruits and vegetables, whether through the diet of their whole prey, or just as a side dish! Nutritionally, dogs don’t require carbohydrates, however some dogs can benefit from a small amount of carefully selected healthy carbohydrates to give them the energy they need.

Raw bones and offal also contain many vitamins and minerals your dog needs as well as having a texture and eating experience they will find stimulating and enjoyable. One of the benefits of raw feeding is that you can give your dog a careful balance of all the nutrients they need and nothing they don’t. Our complete and balanced raw recipes are a convenient way to feed everyday without having to add raw bone or offal as they’re already incorporated.

A Natural Choice

Unfortunately, even many of the big-brand convenience dog foods contain various ingredients that aren’t ideal for a dog’s digestion and can have a negative impact on a dog’s health. As with much ‘junk food’ marketed for human consumption, artificial preservatives and high levels of sugar and salt are often added to extend shelf life and enhance flavour.

The ratio of calories to nutrients in many common canned foods can be far from ideal and can leave your dog lacking in energy and with other undesirable digestive complaints! One of the benefits of raw dog food from Natures Menu is a simple ingredients list of real, quality food, much of which you could spot on your own shopping list.

Freezing food as a way of preserving it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep it fresh, and with our raw frozen food you can feed your dog confidently knowing you’re giving them all the benefits of natural dog food.

What Natures Menu Brings to the Table

We are passionate about the benefits of raw feeding. We have over 40 years’ experience, and as members of the PFMA, the leading industry body for the UK’s pet food industry, we take the safe and healthy preparation of our products extremely seriously. Our manufacturing facilities are DEFRA approved, and all our recipes are made to conform to FEDIAF Pet Food Nutritional guidelines.

Our in-house team of experts are always on hand, bringing their combined decades of frontline animal welfare experience to our customers and to everything we do. When you choose Natures Menu, you can be confident that we’ll bring all our passion and industry expertise to your dog’s dinner.

Keeping it Simple

As well as ensuring your dog gets all the benefits of raw feeding, our aim is also to keep raw feeding simple and fuss free for you. Our best-selling frozen raw nuggets are carefully formulated to provide your dog with a complete, balanced meal, and they couldn’t be easier to serve. Simply count out the number of nuggets you need, defrost either overnight in the fridge or on the counter for a quicker meal, then serve.

Portion size will depend on your dog’s age, breed and lifestyle and we can determine this for you with a few quick questions. Our complete and balanced raw nuggets are ideal for new raw feeders, and we have a wide variety of wholesome, nutritious recipes to tempt even the pickiest pooch.

Give Them More, Feed Them Raw

When it comes to the benefits of raw feeding, there’s no need to take our word for it! Our thousands of happy customers have plenty to say on the matter. Like Willow whose owner Laura couldn’t believe the energy a raw diet has given her. “I was so nervous about changing Willow to raw but she absolutely loved it. She woke up after her nap with so much energy and is like a completely different dog. The difference is amazing.”


Then there’s cockapoo Smudge, whose owner Natasha can’t get over quite how glossy her coat is. “Smudge, my 1-year-old cockapoo, has been on a Natures Menu raw food diet since he was 8 weeks old. I’ve never seen a dog so white and glossy as he is.”

The Top Reported Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Our customers have told us so much about the benefits of natural dog food and we love hearing about the difference switching to Natures Menu raw food has made to their dogs’ wellbeing. We’ve had reports of improvements in anal gland issues, digestive problems and improved energy levels, whether that’s making a hyperactive dog calmer, or giving an older dog a new lease of life. But amongst all the benefits of raw feeding we hear about from our four-legged friends (via their humans, of course!) there’s a few that keep popping up.

Shiny Coats and Healthy Skin

Skin and coat condition can often improve with a change in diet, but many people tell us that they were unaware of just how healthy and shiny their dog’s coat could look! The foods we use are naturally high in essential fatty acids and our minimal processing techniques leave nutrients intact. So, if you notice your pooch looking extra self-satisfied, they might just be revelling in all that attention their glossy coat is bagging them!

Smaller, More Pickupable Poos

Yep, this one always gets ears pricking, because every dog owner knows the misery of scraping runny, stinky poos off the pavement. The simple fact is that easy-to-digest ingredients mean less waste. One of the benefits of raw dog food most noted in our Natures Mates is smaller, firmer, less smelly poos – a benefit that’s bound to put a spring in every owner’s step!

Fresh Breath

Cleaner, whiter teeth and fresh breath are often reported amongst our Natures Mates. We believe this is down to our carefully selected, wholesome ingredients. With no added sugars, artificial preservatives or colourings, our real, natural ingredients are less likely to feed the bacteria in the mouth that lead to plaque and bad breath.

We always recommend brushing teeth as the best way of preventing dental problems but a good diet can go a long way to support your dog’s oral health. Paws up who thinks non-stinky kisses could be one of the best benefits of raw dog food?

Get the Raw Food Look

So, there you have it - the benefits of natural dog food from a biological, human, and doggy point of view! Here at Natures Menu, we call it the Raw Food Look. Have a watch as our in-house Veterinary Nurse Mel describes it - and let us know when your dog has it!