More owners are choosing a raw diet for their dogs – here are the biggest benefits you need to know

11 big benefits of raw dog food


Quick takeaways about the benefits

  • Raw dog food contains omega-3 and 6, which is great for healthy fur and skin.
  • 46% of dogs are overweight or obese – a raw diet can help to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Many pet owners report fewer allergy symptoms when feeding raw.

We know that your dog is part of the family. So, it’s no wonder that you care about the nutritional quality of their diet.

Looking for a solution on the supermarket shelves is tricky, with many brands serving up processed ingredients.

Enter the raw food diet. More and more dog owners are considering raw as it more closely reflects the natural, balanced diet your dog would have eaten in the wild.

And more research is now emerging to prove its benefits. Incorporating raw food into your dog’s diet could lead to everything from a shiny coat to digestive wellbeing, as well as help them maintain a healthy weight.

Here, we share 11 of the biggest benefits of a raw dog food diet – and how you can make the switch.

1. Shiny coat and healthy skin

A raw diet contains natural, healthy essential fatty acids like omega-3 and 6, as well as key amino acids. So, this helps maintain shiny, healthy fur, without excess shedding – meaning they might turn a few more heads than usual on their walkies.

2. Healthy teeth

Raw dog food can work wonders for your dog’s oral health. It tends to be lower in carbohydrates, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and it’s naturally low in sugars that can cause plaque build-up and bad breath.

Giving your dog raw meaty bones as a treat can also help to remove and prevent tartar build-up as they gnaw.

3. Better weight management

Vets estimate that around 46% of dogs are overweight or obese – according to a recent 2023 survey from PDSA.

The naturally high protein, low carbohydrate levels in raw diets can help to regulate your dog's weight, helping them lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

4. Healthy digestion

The high proportion of meat in raw food can be ideal for your dog’s digestive system.

Raw foods are less likely to cause digestive upset and your dog can more easily absorb all the nutrients, too.

5. Manageable poos

This is as much a relief for you as it is for your dog. The balanced nature of raw leads to firm and manageable poos – making them less frequent, smaller and easier to scoop up.

6. Supported immune system

A well-supported immune system is your dog's first line of defence against illnesses.

Raw meat provides the amino acids needed to support a healthy gut, which we now know is linked to healthy immunity.

Plus, the vegetables and fruits sometimes found in raw are packed with immune-supporting vitamins to keep them ready for all of life’s adventures.

7. Healthy joints

The raw diet contains meat, raw bone and connective tissues, too.

All of these are good sources of calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin, which help to keep their joints strong and healthy as they get older.

And, some customers have found that their dog moves more freely once they’ve changed to a raw diet.

8. Reduction of allergies

By eliminating common allergens found in processed kibble, many pet owners have reported a reduction in allergy symptoms and a happier, itch-free pet.

9. More energy

The high-quality proteins and nutrient-rich components in raw diets provide a sustainable energy source, helping them stay active and playful throughout the day.

10. Fresh breath

Raw dog food can contribute to better oral hygiene as it’s free from artificial sugars, preservatives and colours which feed the bacteria that leads to the famous stinky dog breath. So, you can enjoy cuddling up to your dog without wincing.

11. More mental stimulation

Raw dog food not only nourishes the body but can also stimulate the mind. Chewing on raw bones and meat engages your dog's instincts, giving them mental stimulation that keeps boredom (and naughtiness) at bay. Raw food can also be fed from a slow bowl or LickiMat, making mealtimes more interactive and tiring their brains.

What do vets think?

“Some of the potential benefits of feeding a raw diet include better breath and oral hygiene,” says veterinary nurse and educator for Nature’s Menu, Melanie Sainsbury.

“With a natural diet, you’re not feeding the bacteria lurking in the mouth with added sugars which build up in the saliva and cause tooth decay.”

“Other benefits can include a shiny coat, healthy skin and more manageable poos. We’re not afraid to talk about poo at NaturesMenu!

“Put a natural diet into your dog and see the benefits shine through on the outside.”

Find out how to switch your dog and try Nature’s Menu meal plans for hassle-free delivery on repeat.