Dog Christmas gifts: festive ways to treat your furry friend


You’ve ticked off the family. Found something for that friend who’s already got everything.

You’ve even remembered a tin of biscuits for Janet next door. But what about your faithful, four-legged friend? Christmas gifts for dogs are a lovely way to include your pooch in the festivities. In this blog, we’ll be looking at Christmas gifts for dogs to set tails wagging.

Some people might judge us for the fuss we make over our dogs. But, as every dog person knows, our dogs show up for us day in, day out, and making their day that bit more special with some suitable dog Christmas gifts just adds to the joy of the occasion. Our dogs may not know it’s Christmas, but they certainly know when fun is afoot, and they love to be included!

With that in mind, we’ve done some digging and pulled together a list of delightful dog Christmas gifts, for anyone who needs a little inspiration.

The countdown: our top 5 Christmas gifts for dogs

5. Lead the way with this swanky Tartan Festive Lead We’ve yet to find a dog that doesn’t look the part in tartan. Step out for your Boxing Day walk in this style and the smug satisfaction that you’ve picked out one of the best dog Christmas presents (not) on the high street.

4. Keep them entertained with this Soldier Sensory Toy We love this squeaker with sensory ball from our partner store Jollyes. A cute toy with a charmingly traditional vibe, this was an easy inclusion on our Christmas gifts for dogs list.

3. Get them to pick up a penguin Viovets, another Natures Mate partner store, has lots of great dog gift ideas for Christmas. Our favourite? This ridiculously cute penguin Kong.

2. Bake them up a (snow) storm We love any excuse to roll up our sleeves and get our doggy bake off on! This simple recipe for peanut butter dog biscuits is always a hit and this smart doggy baking kit is bound to inspire even the most reluctant cook.

1. And the best dog Christmas presents? Our irresistible meaty treats of course! Why not try crumbling up a Superfood Bar and creating a tasty Christmas trail for your dog to follow for a bit of festive fun! Gifts for dogs at Christmas don’t need to be expensive or elaborate. It can be enough just to give them some extra time or treats. If you’re not the baking or novelty gift type, then there’s a few other ways to give dog Christmas gifts that definitely deserve a mention.

Extra cuddle or groom time  

Basic but still one of the best! Set aside some quality time to groom or cuddle your pet this Christmas and we bet you’ll feel like you’re the one getting the gift.

A wonderful winter walk  

Go the extra mile, by taking them to a new spot for a special stroll. We all get into routines with our dog walks and giving them a new place to explore can provide a ton of fun and mental stimulation.

Give the Raw Food Look  

What could make a better gift than the Raw Food Look? Dog Christmas gifts don’t get better than switching up your dog’s daily dinner to our natural, quality, responsibly sourced raw food. Our many satisfied customers and their two-legged friends report a wide range of benefits from a raw diet, like shiny coats, fresh breath and firmer, small poos.

If your dog’s not already on a raw diet, why not start their next year with a whole new, natural menu? Our starter bundle has everything you need to go raw. Switching is a simple process, and only takes seven days. Find out more about how and why to go raw from our in-house Veterinary Practitioner Mel here. And if your dog’s already got the raw food look, our raw bundle is one of the best dog Christmas presents you could give another dog owner in your life.

Here at Natures Menu, we love any excuse to celebrate our dogs. How about you? Will you your pooch in the festivities - just tag us in your pics with #NaturesMates. be baking peanut butter Christmas trees and wrapping new toys for your four-legged loved one? We’d love to hear all about your dog Christmas gifts and anything you do to include your pooch in the festivities - just tag us in your pics with #NaturesMates.