Getting to know the right amount of raw food to feed your dog

Easy raw dog food calculator

Quick takeaways about how much to feed

  • Your dog’s age, lifestyle, breed and weight goals affect how much food they need.
  • Keep in mind the kind of food they eat matters too.
  • Natures Menu makes it easy to personalise your dog’s diet to their unique needs.

You might have heard dogs should eat 2–3% of their body weight in food. But what if they’re really active? Or what if they’re getting older?

There are lots of factors affecting how much food your dog needs, from age to breed to lifestyle.

Different dog foods have different nutritional values, too. That means the kind of food you feed your dog comes into the equation.

Our calculator will help you feel confident you’re putting just the right amount into their bowl.

How much raw food to feed your dog

It’s simple to figure out how much Nature’s Menu food to feed your dog. We’ve based our recommendations on the European Pet Food Guidelines. This factors in the energy density of the food itself, not just your dog’s weight.

How Much To Feed

Nature’s Menu nuggets are standardised in 1 kg bags, each containing around 55–60 nuggets. This means it’s straightforward to measure out the right portion size for your pooch.

Keep in mind that it's always important to check the recommendations of the brand you choose.

Different manufacturers base their guidelines on the nutritional values of their food, so there are likely to be differences between brands.

The type of food you feed your dog matters too. For example, chicken is lower in calories than beef, so your dog will need a bigger serving.


Other factors to consider

Age – Puppies, adults and senior dogs have different nutritional needs. As they grow up, their food should shift too.

Activity levels – More active dogs burn more calories, so they need to refuel with larger portions.

Breed – Different breeds have different metabolisms, which means they break down their food at different rates.

Dietary goals – You can change the amount of food your dog gets to help them gain, lose or maintain their body weight.

Dogs come in a huge range of sizes and weights, so there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dog food.

Nature’s Menu makes it simple to tailor your dog’s diet to their unique needs. No matter their age, breed, size or activity levels, we’ve got a meal plan to help them thrive.


FAQs about how much to feed

How do I choose the best raw food for my dog?

Nature’s Menu offers a variety of ranges to tailor to any dog’s needs.

Our Complete & Balanced 60/40 range is 60% meat and offal content and 40% vegetables and brown rice. The addition of brown rice can help active and working dogs maintain their energy levels. This ratio can also be great for easing your dog gradually into a raw food diet.

Our Complete & Balanced 80/20 range is 80% meat and offal and 20% fruit and veg. This grain-free, high-meat formula is a great choice for dogs with a grain allergy.


Can I feed my puppy raw food?

Yes, Natures Menu has meal plans made just for puppies. A puppy’s small size means they need less food. But they’re also growing, which means they need more than an adult dog of the same size.

You can introduce our Complete & Balanced Puppy 80/20 from the time they wean. Read more in our puppy raw feeding guide.


Can I feed my older dog raw food?

Absolutely! Older dogs can benefit from a raw diet too. Our senior lamb with chicken packs are lower in fat to help older dogs maintain a healthy weight, even if they’re not as active as they once were.


How can I switch to raw food?

Transitioning to raw food isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Most dogs do well with a gradual transition spaced out over 7 days. Learn more about starting your dog on a raw diet with our simple transition guide.


How much is raw dog food?

Nature's Menu meal plans are personalised for your dog, so the exact cost depends on their unique needs. On average, it costs under £2 a day for a medium-sized dog with standard dietary requirements.

Try our personalised meal plans with high-quality raw ingredients to help keep your dog healthy and happy.