Does Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Exist?


Many dogs, just like their human counterparts, suffer from digestion and diet related sensitivities. These may manifest themselves in excess gas or sloppy poos, which can be uncomfortable for your dog, and which aren’t fun to have to live with – or pick up! So, if you have a pooch prone to tummy issues, you’re probably on the lookout for sensitive stomach dog food.

Dogs of all breeds and ages can be affected by sensitive tummies and can benefit from sensitive stomach dog food. Here at Natures Menu, we’re committed to making the very best raw dog food, and many of our customers have found it the best dog food for sensitive stomachs and gas. With over 40 years’ experience making quality raw dog food, we put our expertise into every nugget we produce, and our team of in-house veterinary experts bring all their frontline experience in animal care to the table at every step of the way.

Is Raw the Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs and Gas?

Raw, natural food is thought to be easier to digest, making it an option for sensitive stomach dog food. Our quality, real food uses only natural ingredients, with none of the added sugar or fillers or commonly found in highly processed dog foods. For more information about the benefits of raw feeding, you can watch our in-house veterinary expert Mel here.

If you are looking for sensitive stomach dog food, the limited ingredients in our Country Hunter range can help in the process of identifying particular intolerances.

How do Allergies Affect the Diet of a dog with a Sensitive Stomach?

Gluten, grain or certain protein allergies can also be culprits behind dogs’ digestive issues, so we’ve created options that can cater for these more specific needs. Our Country Hunter range is grain and gluten free and offers a choice of complete and balanced single protein options, such as our Wild Venison or Duck Nuggets. This might prove the best dog food for sensitive stomachs and diarrhoea if your dog is intolerant to a particular ingredient.

The Proof’s in the Poop

It’s only natural that we’re passionate about our products, but you needn’t take our word alone. Our wide community of happy pup parents give us plenty of feedback, and one of the most frequently reported benefits of our quality raw food is the poop our raw-fed furry friends produce! Yep, you heard that right, according to our customers, Natures Menu raw food makes for great poop and many of our customers find it the best dog food for sensitive stomachs and diarrhoea.


‘My dog has no problem with the Natures Menu Original Raw, poos are never runny and his coat is lovely. Highly recommend.’ Jenny

‘Advised to use these products by local vets and have never looked back.... glossy more itching with skin problems.......and a nice solid "waste product "....’ Jacqueline

‘The dogs tell us this one’s their favourite so far. Good poos, happy tums, shiny coats.’ Elaine

We’ve also had reports of improved anal gland health.

‘We got our dog at 9 months, and he was on dry, but his poos were one minute runny, next formed, so I switched to raw and have not looked back. He eats all straight away and poos are solid allowing for the anal glands to express naturally.’ Jennifer

Our customers have also told us about improved health issues in particular breeds resulting from switching to Natures Menu.

‘Great products. Has made my collie/lab cross much healthier with his raw diet. No more upset stomach or skin problems.’ Bob

‘Our retired greyhounds’ coats and poops have improved since changing diet to raw and grain free options.’ Paula

‘Our Doodle has a sensitive stomach and cannot eat chicken; this is a brilliant alternative.’ Kim

Our customers have also found that a raw diet can help their little ones’ digestions.

“This is a quality product, and we are delighted with the way our puppy has grown. We have tried other brands, but she seems to have a sensitive stomach. These are perfect for her. Healthy and easily digested.” Victoria

As passionate dog lovers, we’re always thrilled to hear that our Natures Mates are benefitting from their raw diet. So, if your dog is suffering from digestive issues, and looking for sensitive stomach dog food we hope a Natures Menu diet could help. Give it a go and please let us know! You can always drop us a line, and our in-house veterinary team will be pleased to offer their advice. If you have concerns for your dog’s welfare, always consult your vet.