Our dogs are one of the family, so when it comes to feeding them a raw diet, take a little time to learn how to store raw dog food safely. Our handy tips on storage and thawing will keep you, your family and your dog safe in an easy-to-follow way. 


How to Store Raw Food for Dogs

Like beef or chicken breast, raw dog food should be stored in a freezer in secure packaging or a sealed container until ready to use. Keeping your dog’s raw food frozen until it is time to serve can help to prevent bacteria. When defrosting, it's also important to keep the food in a sealed bag or container.

You’ll find storing and defrosting will quickly become second nature. Just another part of day-to-day healthy feeding times that’s not dissimilar to how you’d store meat of your own. 

How to Serve Raw Food for Dogs

Raw feeding is as simple as pour, thaw, serve. First pour the raw food into a container or your dog’s bowl. You can then thaw in a sealed container in the fridge overnight or at room temperature for a couple of hours. All defrosted meats should be kept in the fridge and served within 24 hours, like with your own meals don’t re-freeze once defrosted. Where possible, feed your dog on a wiped clean surface or mat. If you feed your dog raw meaty bones, serve either outside, on a clean surface, mat, old towel or in a contained washable area.

How to Hygienically Handle Raw Dog Food

  • When handling any raw meat, follow the below hygiene practices and tips: 

  • Clean hands, feeding bowls, work surfaces and utensils after serving.
  • Use dedicated chopping mats (and utensils) for meats, vegetables and a separate one for raw pet food.  
  • Where possible, use plastic or metal chopping boards as wooden ones can hold on to bacteria in scratches or cracks.


Convenient Serving and Handling

Here at Natures Menu, we have created a range of products that can be safely stored and defrosted with the minimum amount of handling, no matter the size of your dog. Our raw nuggets offer a convenient solution for serving, storing and handling raw dog food. They’re incredibly easy and safe to use – simply pour out the number of nuggets you need, allow them to thaw appropriately, and serve. 

With no contact necessary, it's a hassle-free experience. We also provide safe serving and storing suggestions on the back of the packaging to make sure that you're always informed.


Benefits of Repeat Deliveries and Subscriptions for Raw Dog Food

As well as the proper storage and the hygienic handling of raw dog food, repeat deliveries and subscriptions can be incredibly beneficial. By subscribing to a raw dog food delivery service, you can guarantee that your dog always has the right supply of fresh, safe, and nutritious food without having to worry about running out of food or storage space.  


With our hassle free home delivery,  you can tailor the quantity of food to your dog's specific needs to make sure you only order what is necessary and avoid any waste.  You can select the frequency of deliveries, and the amount of food you need, making it easier to plan and manage your dog's meals. Not only does this reduce the risk of running out of food or storage space, but it also saves time and effort reordering.

So, storing raw dog food correctly keeps your dog’s meal times enjoyable and safe. By following the guidelines outlined in this blog, such as storing raw dog food in a freezer, defrosting it in a safe and hygienic manner, and practicing good hygiene when handling the food, you can keep your dog's food fresh.

Subscribing to a raw dog food delivery service, can give you access to a steady supply of fresh raw food without the hassle of constant reordering or running out of storage space. By taking these simple steps on how to store raw dog food, you can help your dog thrive on a healthy and nutritious raw food diet.