Table of Contents:

  • Is raw meat full of bacteria?
  • Is raw meat for dogs messy?
  • Is raw feeding dogs complicated?
  • Will my fussy dog really eat raw food?;
  • Is my dog too old (or young) to switch to raw dog food?
  • Doesn’t raw food make dogs more aggressive?
  • Don’t dogs get worms from raw food?
  • To sum it all up…


When it comes to the best way to feed your dog, everyone’s got something to say. And while there’s lots of well-meaning advice out there, sifting through it can be confusing. So, if you’re weighing up the options and asking – is raw food good for dogs? – we’re here to help. Because we’ve got a top team of Natures Menu experts together to bust some raw feeding myths, once and for all…



Is raw meat full of bacteria?

Bacteria can be found on raw meat but this isn’t a problem for dogs if it is handled and stored properly. We absolutely get why people worry about this – we have it drilled into us that we need to be careful with the raw meat we buy for ourselves, so it’s natural to worry about raw meat for dogs too. However, it can be managed by applying the same sensible and familiar hygiene methods as you would to your own food.

The truth is, at Natures Menu we work really hard to make sure our raw food for dogs meets the toughest safety protocols in the UK. Every pack is carefully prepared at our temperature-controlled factory here in Norfolk and we’re proud to lead the market when it comes to safety thanks to our team of experienced experts applying best practice across all departments. 

Once you get your raw dog food home, we’ve put easy-to-follow instructions on the pack to help you store, thaw and serve it safely. Just remember that good hygiene’s important with all food , so don’t forget to wash your hands, surfaces and utensils really well before and after any food prep.


Is raw meat for dogs messy?

No, it doesn’t have to be. Lots of people think raw meat for dogs will be bloody or full of nasty bits, but it really isn’t. There are strict rules about the quality of the ingredients in raw food for dogs and most of it looks pretty similar to the raw meat we might buy for ourselves in the supermarket. 

In fact, if you choose something like our Complete & Balanced nuggets,  it’s much less messy than that. Made with quality meat, fruit and veggies  and full of all the nutrients your dog needs, they’re neat, bite-sized nuggets of fresh dog food, frozen to make them even easier to use.


Is raw feeding dogs complicated? 

Honestly, no. If you’re new to raw meat for dogs, our Complete & Balanced nuggets  are a great place to start. They come ready frozen, so all you need to do is pour, thaw and serve. Even better, we’ve made them with lovely tender, quality meat, fruit and veggies  and made sure they’ve got all the goodness your dog needs in their diet – so you can relax knowing you’ve got everything covered.

If you’d like to get a bit more creative with your dog’s dinners, once they’re used to our raw nuggets, you could explore our raw Ready to Mix range. It’s got frozen blocks  of raw meat for dogs and freeflow minces, ready for you to use in your own fresh dog food recipes.


Will my fussy dog really eat raw food? 

You’d be surprised! Over the years, our experts have put together a simple, practical way to switch your four-legged friend over to raw meat for dogs. It takes about a week, and we get lots of great feedback from pet parents on how well its worked for them. Take a look at switching here

Our raw food for dogs brings your pup a whole range of different meats to try, so as well as the classics, they can get their chops into things like venison, duck and rabbit. Raw meat can also be  a whole new texture to explore, so lots of people tell us their dogs have actually been excited about tucking in.   

One last thing on fussy eating – our raw treats  are a real favourite with all sorts of dogs, but we’d recommend waiting to introduce them until your dog’s used to their raw diet, as they can be quite different to traditional snacks . Most pet parents find they go down a treat after that! If it’s your dog’s first time trying raw chews and bones, take a look at the easy to follow information and guidance on the back of pack just to make sure they’ll enjoy them just as much as we think they will. 




Is my dog too old (or young) to switch to raw dog food? 

Not at all. Let’s start with those older dogs. Yes, just like us, dogs can get set in their ways, but if you move over to raw food gradually, using our simple 7-day switch, most pet parents get really good results. 

In fact, lots of them tell us that switching to raw meat for dogs gave their amazing older dogs a new lease of life and some welcome extra energy. That could be down to the fact that our raw recipes don’t contain added sugars or fillers – things which can sometimes lead to erratic energy levels and sluggishness. And as an added benefit, raw food for dogs is usually softer, making it gentler on older teeth, gums and mouths. 

As for puppies, raw is great for them too, so there’s no need to wait till they’re older to try it.    In fact, our Natures Menu puppy range  is suitable from weaning up to 12 months, when you can then switch them to our adult raw food for dogs.




Doesn’t raw food make dogs more aggressive? 

We’ve heard some old wives’ tales in our time, but this is one of the biggest! The myth is, eating raw food gives dogs a taste for blood, which makes them more aggressive. But honestly, that’s not true. Eating really rare steak wouldn’t make you more aggressive, and eating raw meat won’t do that to your dog.

In fact, we hear from lots of pet parents who say the opposite. They’ve found that switching to raw food for dogs, with much less sugar and fillers, actually makes their dogs calmer.


Don’t dogs get worms from raw food?

If you choose raw meat for dogs that’s specially prepared by a trusted brand, worms are really unlikely. As manufacturers, the standards we have to meet when we prepare raw meat for dogs are incredibly high and here at Natures Menu, we’re really proud of our market-leading food safety. Plus, because we freeze our raw food for dogs for a prolonged period, the risk of parasites is hugely reduced.

In fact, it’s more likely your dog will catch worms from something else they come into contact with while they’re out digging, chewing and generally doing their thing. As we said earlier, they’re naturally mucky, curious pups who aren’t afraid to get their paws – and their chops – dirty.


To sum it all up…

Is raw food good for dogs? Absolutely – both for puppies and older dogs. There are lots of myths out there, but the truth is, raw meat for dogs is a natural, simple way of feeding that gets back to quality ingredients without added extras – and the feedback we get from families who’ve made the switch is overwhelmingly positive. They talk about shiny coats, settled tummies, fresh breath, balanced energy levels and firm, pick-up-able poos. All great stuff without it being complicated or messy.

To help you sort through the tall stories, we recommend sticking to brands, products and advice you know you can trust. With over 40 years’ experience in making raw food for dogs, we’re here for you – and this blog is full of ideas to help you get started. 

If you’ve got any questions about your dog, it’s always a good idea to chat with your vet – or you can ask us a question anytime, right here. We’re always happy to help.