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Quality raw ingredients available separately so you can create your own raw meals at home. Human-grade mince, chews and bones, real fruit and vegetable nuggets, delicious mixers and more. All specifically produced to be fed raw for your peace of mind.

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Natures Menu Natural Raw Mince Beef Dog Food

This tasty bone free meat ingredient is made with whole cuts of quality beef, providing your dog with a rich source of protein and essential nutrients. Just Beef Raw Mince is an ingredient or treat, not a complete meal. Add it to other ingredients to make balanced and nutritious bespoke raw meals at home.

Natures Menu Natural Raw Free Flow Chicken Dog Food

Whole cuts of top quality, human-grade chicken minced with raw bone for extra nutrition, the perfect lean protein source to add to your dog's homemade meals. Freeflow mince is a convenient way to keep larger quantities of protein in your freezer - simply pour out the portion you require when you need it.

Natures Menu Natural Raw Free Flow Lamb and Chicken Dog Food

Two dog favourites – quality, human-grade lamb and chicken – in one flavourful minced ingredient, with added minced raw bone for extra nutrition. We believe dogs deserve, real, raw food. That’s why since 1981, we’ve been committed to making high-quality, easy to feed raw food your dog will love.

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Our award-winning real meals and treats, crafted with the finest ingredients and superfoods to boost your pet's natural vitality.

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The no-hassle, complete and balanced answer to raw and natural feeding. Made with only real, quality ingredients.

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