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Making the switch to real, simple, delicious cat food

Cats are quite switched on when it comes to change so we've put together a video and top tips to help transition your cat to a fully complete and balanced diet.

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Method 1:

Gradual Introduction

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(This is useful for cats who are used to wet food)

STEP 1: Add a very small amount of Natures Menu Especially for Cats canned cat food, choosing a familiar flavour if possible, to your cat's usual wet meal and mix thoroughly.

STEP 2: Over approximately 5-7 days, gradually increase the Natures Menu Especially for Cats quantity and decrease the previous wet food.

Method 2:

The "Two Bowl" Technique

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(Useful for highly fussy or suspicious cats, or if method 1 has not worked)

STEP 1: Place a very small amount of the Natures Menu Especially for Cats can in a separate bowl beside the normal food. Repeat at every meal until they begin to show an interest (can take 1-2 weeks).

STEP 2: Slowly reduce the previous food while increasing the volume of Natures Menu Especially for Cats. Be patient, it is normal for this process to take as long as 8 weeks.

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Top Tips

Cats prefer food closer to room temperature so try not to feed food straight from the fridge.

Try adding some hot water from the kettle (allow the water to cool before feeding) to increase the temperature of the food and release aromas.

Do not allow your cat to starve themselves, this can lead to liver problems in some cases.

Always try to vary the flavours of foods given to prevent latching onto one variety.

Try our natural cat treats as a way of introducing new, real tastes.

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Real Ingredients. Real Flavour. Real Goodness.

High meat | Complete & Balanced | Delicious taste

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Ken - Customer Testimonial


We decided to make the switch to Natures Menu Especially for Cats after becoming unhappy with the food we were feeding our cat. We followed their switching guide which made it really easy to do, it took about 6 days to move Ken onto it fully. He is much happier with his new food (loves all 3 flavours) and I feel happy knowing exactly what we are feeding him

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