Is a Raw Diet for Puppies a Good Idea?


If you ask us, a raw diet for puppies isn’t just a good idea – it’s a great idea! Here at Natures Menu, we think there’s nothing more exciting than the arrival of a bouncy, new, four-legged family member. As sponsors of Puppy School, we’re big believers in the idea of giving your pup good habits from the get go, and in terms of feeding, we think there’s no better start than a raw diet.

As for the best raw food for puppies? Well, Natures Menu, naturally! Our complete and balanced just for pups range has been expertly developed to give your little furry ball of energy everything they need to grow and thrive. As well as delicious, complete and balanced meals, we also make treats specially sized for those little teeth – great for encouraging all that good behaviour they’ll learn at Puppy School!

Our Recommended Raw Diet for Puppies
So, what does a recommended raw diet for puppies look like? For starters, it’s worth noting that pups can begin their raw journey from weaning. If your pup has been weaned on a raw diet, then you can simply carry on as per the instructions from the breeder. However, if your pup has started life on tinned food or kibble, switching them to raw is a perfectly simple process. Check out our tutorials and tips from our dedicated in-house Veterinary Practitioner Mel.  
The Simple Way to Serve Raw

Serving our specially formulated raw nuggets for puppies couldn’t be simpler – all you need to do is count out the number of nuggets you need then defrost them, either overnight in the fridge, or covered on the counter for a couple of hours and serve. It isn’t just our recommended raw diet for puppies, it comes recommended by Basil too!

With tasty choices including our grain and gluten free Country Hunter Beef with Superfoods or Turkey and Fish with Superfoods, or our original Natures Menu Chicken with Salmon, it’s no surprise so many of our Natures Mates think our Complete and Balanced Nuggets really are the best raw food for puppies.

Why Natures Menu Really is the Best Raw Food for Puppies

We never, ever use artificial colours or preservatives, bulk out our food with low quality fillers or use meat meals or derivatives. Instead, our carefully prepared meals are made with minimal processing, ensuring every pouch, treat or nugget packs its full nutritious potential. You need only browse any of our ingredients lists to see that our food contains only what they need and nothing they don’t.


A raw diet for puppies – and adult dogs too – should of course be a safe and hygienic one, which is why buying commercially made raw dog food is the best way to go. We are members of the PFMA, the leading industry body for the UK’s pet food industry, and we take the safe and healthy preparation of our products extremely seriously.

Our Norfolk-based manufacturing facilities are DEFRA approved, and all our recipes are made to conform to FEDIAF Pet Food Nutritional guidelines. What this means is that we take the utmost care with our ingredients and how we prepare and package them, so you can trust the quality of the food you open in your kitchen.

We work closely with our in-house expert team, including veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, pet food consultants and independent pet food experts, who oversee and advise the process of creating our complete and balanced recipes, and whose decades of frontline animal welfare experience is a great resource for us and for you. As dog lovers, the health and wellbeing of our Natures Mates comes before all else and if you’re an anxious pup parent then you can choose Natures Menu with confidence, knowing it is a vet approved and recommended raw diet for puppies.

The Benefits of a Raw Diet for Puppies

When it comes to choosing your puppy’s food, you no doubt want to make sure you’re giving them everything they need to thrive and that you’re choosing a diet they will enjoy. A raw diet is a great way to combine nutrition and great taste. Many fussy eaters become bowl lickers once they discover Natures Menu!

But the benefits of a raw diet for puppies go far beyond a delicious dish. We love hearing from our customers and there are several benefits that pop up time and again. A shiny, glossy coat is one we hear a lot! Natural omega oils, protein-rich ingredients and the absence of added sugar or chemicals can all contribute to improved coat condition.

Better oral hygiene – mainly noticed by the absence of stinky kisses – is another one our Natures Mates mention frequently. The absence of sugar in your dog’s diet means the bacteria that leads to bad doggy breath is less likely to build up in their mouths.

Then there are the poos. Oh, the poos, the joy of every walk – or not! There’s no smugger dog walker than one who only has to pick up perfect poos. What do we mean by perfect poos? Small, firm and less smelly of course! Natural ingredients mean less waste, firmer stools, and less stink. So, get ready to smirk as you pop those perfect poos in your poo bags!

Further Pupformation

Hopefully, we’ve been able to give you some helpful guidance and inspiration on the best raw food for puppies. But when it comes to puppy parenting, we’ve always got more to share! Check out our dedicated Pupcast for plenty of puppy related matters – from feeding to socialising to training and more. Perfect for those times when you want to pop your headphones in and potter! We wish you well on every little step of this exciting journey, and if you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line via live chat, email, or phone.