Complete & Balanced 80/20

80% Chicken

Delicious single protein chicken nuggets for dogs. Made with 80% quality chicken, boosted with a 20% variety of superfoods and nutritious vegetables. No grain. Pack size 1kg. Approximately 58 nuggets per pack.

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Product information

If you’re on the hunt for a high quality, single protein raw food, then look no further than our Natures Menu Complete & Balanced 80 20 dog food raw chicken nuggets. Our special recipe boasts 80% carefully sourced chicken, enriched with a variety of delicious superfoods. These aren’t your usual dog chicken nuggets! We’ve included blackberries, carrot and swede for a nutritious boost. All to give your dog exactly what they need from their chicken dinner.

As with all our Natures Menu Complete & Balanced 80 20 dog food, we’re proud of our high quality natural ingredients, you can see, understand and trust. Our raw chicken nuggets are carefully crafted by our trusted experts in Norfolk, with no nasties and no surprises. We follow FEDIAF guidelines to ensure that every nugget that reaches your dogs’ bowl is full of goodness and nothing else. What’s more, our recipe is complete and balanced, giving you that all-important peace of mind for worry-free natural feeding.

Our chicken recipe is one of several single protein options in our Natures Menu Complete & Balanced 80 20 dog food range. Not only are our dog chicken nuggets made from 80% chicken, they are also made with no grain.

As for preparing dinner for your dog, Natures Menu Complete & Balanced 80 20 dog food could not be easier. Simply pour out the amount you need for your dog (there’s a handy feeding guide on the back of the pack), thaw and serve! Mess-free meal times for you, licked clean bowls, proven digestive wellbeing and shiny coats for your dog.

Our raw chicken dog food nuggets are complete and balanced and may contain small bone pieces (4g in every 100g). Suitable for all adult dogs. Due to this being a natural raw product, colour and appearance may vary between batches.
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Complete & Balanced

80 /20
This r-awesome no grain range includes 80% delicious meat & offal content with 20% fruits, vegetables and enriched with superfoods. The perfect everyday fuel for your dog's adventures!

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