Raw makes a real difference

We believe that a raw, natural diet is best for our dogs - benefiting everything from their coat and teeth to their overall wellbeing. Here's our veterinary educator, Mel, to tell you more...

Better digestion

Raw, natural food can be easier for dogs to digest. Plus, there's none of the added sugar, bulkers or derivatives found in some pet foods, that can cause our pets digestive issues.

More manageable poos

Because raw food is 100% natural with no added fillers, there's less waste to come out the other end! The result is smaller, firmer, more pick-up-able poos.

Shinier coat and healthy skin

Just the right quantities of carefully selected fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fats can give your dog a glossy coat and may help to improve skin complaints.

Stronger teeth and better dental hygiene

Our raw meaty chews are a great natural way to add to your pet’s routine dental care. A tasty, healthy choice to help clean teeth, provide entertainment and freshen breath.

Other reported raw feeding benefits

More stable energy and less hyperactivity.

Reduction of allergies and intolerances.

Highly palatable, great for even the fussiest of pets.

Less flatulence.

Low fat options to help manage weight loss.

Reduction in inflammatory issues such as skin conditions or joint inflammation.

Increased vitality in older dogs.

Tell us about your pet

Every animal is different. Tell us about your cat or dog and we'll give you tailored feeding advice and information based on your pet's needs.

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