Useful Tips on Raw Feeding

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How often should I feed raw meaty bones?

Raw bones can be fed up to 2-3 times a week to promote dental hygiene and provide a naturally satisfying chew session for your pet.

Some bones may last longer than others and some may be too hard for young dogs or older dogs with weaker teeth. So make sure you choose the most appropriate bone or chew for your dog. We offer a big selection for all types of dogs.

You can check out our raw bone guide for more detailed advice.

Will changing to a raw diet affect my pet’s poo?

More often than not, yes. But positively!

Most of our customers find that feeding a raw diet, with the appropriate amount of raw bone, results in drier, less odorous and more solid, easier to pick up poo.

The harder stool may also improve anal gland problems, as the poo will allow the anal glands to express themselves naturally through its passing.

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