Complete & Balanced 60/40

60% Fish and chicken

Our meaty nuggets chicken and fish dog food nuggets are complete and balanced and super tasty. Pack size 1kg.

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Product information

Both known for their easy to digest qualities, chicken and fish dog food make a great combination. Complete with the delicate taste of salmon, our chicken and fish dog food is an ideal option for fish lovers.

We use raw natural ingredients that you can see, understand and trust, and our in-house experts carefully craft each recipe. Every Natures Menu 60/40 recipe is made to FEDIAF standards and will provide your dog with a complete and balanced meal they’ll love and benefit from. Our complete and balanced recipe combines our special mix of vegetables and brown rice, which can provide a readily available source of fuel for sporting or strenuous activity.

Our nuggets are so convenient, because we're on a mission to bring the most natural, nutritious and unprocessed dog food, in the easiest way possible for you. It's all about worry-free natural feeding for us!These easy to serve chicken and fish dog food nuggets need simply to be poured out, thawed then served, for a mess-free meal time that you and your dog will love.

This frozen raw dog food may contain small pieces of bone (4g per 100g). You may notice some discrepancies in colour and appearance between batches as we use no artificial colours or preservatives. This is a perfectly natural occurrence due to our no nonsense, no surprises approach. Suitable for all adult dogs.
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Complete & Balanced

60 /40

60% delicious meat & offal content with 40% fruits, vegetables and healthy grain content. Our complete 60/40 minced blocks and nuggets are quick and easy for you to dish up - simply pour, thaw and serve.


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