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Real, Natural and Recyclable

We believe having a positive effect on the environment is just as important as feeding your pet real and natural food. That’s why we’ve developed the following initiatives.

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Less Packaging, More Recycling

We’ve recently cut down on the amount of packaging we use in our deliveries. However, you can recycle all the cardboard the products arrive in by popping it in your standard household recycling bin.

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We have installed 1,500 solar panels at our factory and head office as part of our long-term investment into green and renewable energy. These solar panels save 204,687kg of C02 every year.

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No Food Goes to Waste

We ensure the ingredients that don’t find their way into our delicious pet food are reused for anaerobic digestion. This is a process that helps turn our waste into renewable energy.

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Rinse before Recycle

Please remember to rinse food cans or packets before you add them to your recycling bin.

Real Meals in Recyclable Packaging

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Currently around two-thirds of all our product packaging is recyclable. But we’re not stopping there. We will soon be releasing several new initiatives to achieve our mission of total recyclability.

We’re committed to 100% recyclable packaging.

Here’s what can be recycled so far:

Majority of our frozen food packaging can be recycled. Our nuggets, bones and chunks bags can all be washed and added to your local recycling point. The 400g and 300g home prepare blocks can be recycled where facilities exist.

All our dog and cat food cans, which are made from steel and can typically be added to your household recycling bin for collection.

All cardboard outer packaging for our dog and cat food pouches.

We have recently signed up to the On-Pack Recycling Labels scheme. This will help you understand which parts of the packaging can be recycled. Expect to see these labels on our products soon.

What about DPD packaging?

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This can be recycled too, here’s how:

Our new plant-based liners can be put in your recycling bin along with the cardboard box.

The blue gel packs that keep the product frozen contain a saline fluid which can be emptied down the sink safely.

Once snipped, the blue gel packs can be recycled in the supermarket carrier bag recycling points or at local recycling centres.

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