Can dogs eat pineapple?


Uncover the sweet benefits of pineapples and essential dos and don'ts for feeding them to your dog

Can dogs eat pineapple?


Quick takeaways about pineapple

  • Rineapple is a safe and nutritious treat for dogs, in moderation.
  • This fruit is hydrating and has essential vitamins and minerals.
  • resh pineapple is the best choice – avoid canned varieties with added sugars.


Noticed your dog’s nose twitching as you peel a fresh, juicy pineapple? This tropical delight isn't just for humans, pineapple is safe for dogs to eat.

Find out the sweet benefits and how to serve up safely for your pooch.


Is pineapple good for dogs?

Absolutely! Pineapple can be a healthy addition to your dog's diet, in moderation. Raw pineapple contains plenty of vitamin C and B6, and is packed with dietary fibre.

Plus, its high water content can be a delicious way to keep your dog hydrated.


Fresh vs. canned pineapple: which is best for dogs?

Fresh pineapple wins paws down. Canned pineapple often comes with added sugars or syrups – not ideal for a fruit that already has natural sugars.


How should I feed pineapple to dogs?

Opt for fresh pineapple and here’s how to serve it:

  • Peel the pineapple and remove the hard core
  • Chop it into bite-sized pieces
  • Introduce pineapple in small amounts to your dog – check for adverse reactions.

You can also pop the chunks into the freezer and give to your dog – great for those hot summer days.


Can I feed pineapple regularly?

TPineapple can be a regular treat in your dog’s diet, but remember, moderation is key. It should be an occasional delight rather than a daily diet staple.

While the fruit is tasty, it’s also very sweet and fibrous. So, if you feed too much it can lead to an upset tum, diarrhea and vomiting.

So, keep it treat-sized and start with a couple of small chunks.


Can dogs eat dried pineapple?

This is often higher in sugar and can contain preservatives, making it less than ideal for pooches. Stick to fresh pineapple.


Can dogs eat pineapple skin?

ineapple skin is a no-go for dogs. It's tough, difficult to digest, and can be a choking hazard. Stick to the soft, juicy flesh of the pineapple for a safe treat.


Can dogs have pineapple juice?

In small amounts, pure pineapple juice (without added sugars or preservatives) can be okay for dogs, but we’d recommend against it on account of the high natural sugar content.

The acidity of pineapple juice can also cause damage to your dog’s stomach lining.


Does pineapple help to stop your dog eating poo?

Some people believe that pineapple can deter dogs from eating their poop. This is likely thanks to an enzyme found in pineapple called bromelain. It breaks down proteins and could makes poop less appealing to dogs.

However, there isn’t any scientific evidence to support this, and it’s not a guaranteed solution for the behaviour.


What are the risks of feeding dogs pineapple

Feeding too much pineapple can lead to digestive issues as a result of its high fiber and sugar content.

Always monitor your dog for any signs of allergic reactions or stomach upset.


Will my dog like pineapple?

Not every dog will be a pineapple fan, and that’s perfectly okay. There are so many other safe and nutritious fruits and vegetables your dog might enjoy.

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